Hugs all around (Post 100)

Okay, this is it, post number one hundred. Since December 21, 2006, I have posted 100 public messages to the knitblogosphere. In a way it’s like sending a weather balloon up in a calm sky. What kind of data will you get? Will anyone find your message and send one back? Is anyone even looking up today?

I have learned a lot of things since then, and met some wonderful people. I have shared a little bit of my life, and my knitting as well. I have learned about new knitting stuff — events, books, blogs, yarns, patterns, stitches, joins, knitalongs, and charity projects. My life is all the richer for it!

And blogging has been extra helpful to me during this time of my life, so stressful because of the temporary situation with Mr. Beth traveling and working so far away from the rest of us for so much of the time. He’s my best friend and I miss him so much! My knitting friends are really keeping me going until we’re all together in the new city in the new house (sheep/alpacas or not).

So, thanks to everyone reading what I write, whether or not you choose to comment. I’m glad you’re there and I’m glad I’m here. We just need to schedule some meetups. 🙂

Project updates: I got a lot of work done last night on the quilt top. All three columns of T-shirt panels are now complete, and I’ve started attaching the vertical sashing strips between the columns. It was like exercising… I like it once I get going, it’s the getting started part that’s rough. After midnight I had to make myself stop. Didn’t have time to knit or even visit with Pierce.

I didn’t get much knitting done in the last couple of days, but I do have a few things that I can show you. (This one’s for you, blogless Jen!)

Hot Sock 1

Is it too early to call this a sock? A sock for ME? The Yarn is Hot Socks in the Pepper colorway: black and greys wrapped in white. Doesn’t it look nice in the skein? I am looking forward to seeing if it pools when it’s knit up. I don’t even remember buying this yarn. It probably came from Herrschners at least a year ago and is most likely the first sock yarn I ever bought. Since I didn’t knit a sock before last month, I couldn’t even say for certain why I bought it. I am using the Harlot‘s two-page cheat sheet from Knitting Rules! as my pattern.

I also took a progress shot of the Irish Hiking Scarf.

Irish Hiking Scarf, 13 repeats in

The glowing white rectangle is the pattern written out on a 3×5 lined index card. (I still don’t know when the flash is going to pick these things up.) I write them out this way so I can put everything I need into the one-gallon zipper bags I use for each project.

Anyway…it’s time to monitor Mr. Beth’s flight (again). Thanks for hanging out with me, and don’t be shy, drop a line sometime and say hi!


P.S. Sonya made comment #200 and I am still shopping for a prize package for her. The super busy “52 Pair Plunge” eKNITabeth compiled the most complete list of blogroll fill-ins, so she will be getting the custom set of stitch markers. Just so you know.

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  1. Ooh, the Irish Hiking Scarf is gorgeous. Congrats on your 100th post!

  2. Happy 100th post! You know, you are sooo right with that weather balloon analogy. May you have many more “hundredth” post celebrations!

    Good job on the quilting last night, too.

  3. Me? Well first off congratulations on #100 – it’s a great thing. But me? Thank you so much! Me and my verbal/commenting diarrhea.

  4. Happy 100! And I knew I recognized that book with the socks. Those are going to look gorgeous. The Irish Hiking Scarf already does! This all makes it seem apropros to say slainte the 100th! [vbg]

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