Can I have a little more?

I am thinking of this line because Jack has learned how to sing “All Together Now” by the Beatles, from the Yellow Submarine soundtrack. And because yesterday I was checking out my blogroll and realized I had blogs that started with almost every letter of the alphabet. I am missing blogs starting with G, L, N, Q, U, V, X, and Z.

My husband is ROTFL right now because I am such a “get the whole set” girl. In fact, my EXHs are probably laughing too, but best not to speak of that.

So I was wondering….if you know a good knitting, spinning, or hobby farm blog beginning with one of those letters, could you send it to me in the comments? And if you can send me a complete set from the missing letters, I will make you a 4-piece set of custom stitch markers.

It’s probably this “collect them all” trait that led me to make the Gryffindor beret, which I sewed up this morning in the school parking lot. I’ll take a group shot later of all 4 Gryff hats, and post it later today.

4 Gryffindor caps

Oh, and last night I did no sewing on the quilt, but a mondo amount of pinning and crawling around on the floor to make sure I had enough sashing fabric and that all the T-shirt columns were going to line up right. I did, and they will, but with Tommy looking a little under the weather I wanted to just let him sleep. I’ll try again tonight.

Mock quilt top

So instead, I knit on the beret and watched more Remington Steele, with (surprise!) guest star Paul Reiser. He plays an only-slightly-neurotic narcoleptic. A little research shows that he and Pierce Brosnan were both 26 years old in that episode (the first TV roles for each, by the way). The contrast between “gosh he is so cute, I’d like to take him home” and “Oh. My. God. I have to sit down now” is striking. It almost distracted from the plot, but I’m honestly not complaining. Oh yes, did I forget to mention they were both patients in a sleep clinic, so they spent the time running around in robes and slippers? Paul had hospital standard issue, but Pierce brought his own, which looked more like a crushed velvet smoking jacket.

Maybe I’ll have to watch that one again. 😉

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  1. I can’t recommend blogs for all the letters, but I can suggests G for Grumperina, N for Nona Knits or The Needle and the Damage Done, and V for Volkstricken. Enjoy!

  2. Oh – I was going to suggest Grumperina and Nona Knits as well! I’ll have to look up The Needle and the Damage Done – that is one enticing title!

  3. Yay! One more post till ONE HUNDRED!!!

  4. Brace yourself.

    Here goes:

    Garnlek (Swedish)
    gibknits – because it’s cheaper than therapy
    Goddess Knits
    Golden Needle
    Gromit Knits!
    GrrLeigh Knits

    Little Green Bungalow
    LollyKnitting Around

    Nadia’s Crafting Adventure
    No-Pattern Knitter
    Nake-id Knits

    Quiddity – A Knitting Blog
    Queen of the Needle

    Underwater Knitting
    Uli’s Needlework World

    Villain Extraordinaire
    Vertigo Wool
    Vera’s Crafty Blog
    Vintagefusion Knits & Crochets
    Verflixtes Wollknäuel (German)

    xie knits

    Zeeppo\’s Knitting Blog
    Zenissima – Finding Zen in Knitting
    Zeneedle…needleart as life

    I think that about covers them all… i haven’t personally checked all the sites, but there’s gotta be at least one of each letter that you’ll like (odds favor it, anyway)… except maybe the x’s… but there may be only one ;D

  5. is the URL for ‘NYS farm updates’, which is an unprepossing title for a rather neat little blog from Jennifer VanCalCar, who is the yarn maven and chief dyeperson for the Tsarina of Tsocks. She’s in the midst of lambing right now, so not posting much.

    Quieter Moments ( is a nifty site for stitching, especially for crazyquilting.

  6. I could give you all of them as well, however I’ll just start with a few of the harder ones.

    Q – Queen of the World by Popular Demand
    x – xtreme knitting blog!

    I also read Grumperina, Lolly Knitting Around, and Zeneedle.

  7. I don’t have any q’s, but here are my fave’s of the other letters:

    Garn Boet – The Yarn Nest
    Lolly Knitting Around
    Neither Hip nor Funky
    Unwind Knitting
    X…You are here


  8. Wow! Ask for suggestions and look what you got. I was going to suggest Knit in Your Hat
    because I like it and she has kids and flowers and knitting and sheep but I see you already got your “G” without me. Sniff.

  9. eKnitabeth is amazing! And I have already been busy checking out many of the suggestions. What a bonus! So I have nothing to add, just enjoying the windfall.


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