Lots of potential

Didn’t you always hate seeing that on your report card? As in, you had some but you weren’t currently working up to it? Welcome to knitting. It will give you flashbacks like that all the freaking time.

Like, why can’t you finish a garter-stitch scarf? Makes a fine effort and then does not follow through. B-.

And, make the second baby sock already and then a pair of adult socks so you are not giving your Hogwarts Sock Swap Pal the first socks you ever knitted in your life. Truly, she is a nice person and deserves better. Fails to plan ahead for complex tasks. C.

Imagining several new projects before the old one have freed up the needles? Unable to stick to plans, daydreams instead of applying self to present task. D.

And taking nine months to make a T-shirt quilt is bound to get some extra commentary. Needlessly procrastinates. Afraid of success. Perpetuates self-deating fantasies. See me after class for conference.

Yes, I know and believe there are no Knitting Police. (If EZ said so and the Harlot says say, there is no reason to dispute it.) However, there’s always that inner Superego, critic, Editor, or deejay from radio station KFKD (thank you Anne Lamott) to tell you you’re doing the wrong thing, you’re doing the right thing the wrong way, you’re doing too much, you’re not doing enough and why do you bother doing this anyway?

Well, strange as it sounds, I am doing this because I love it. Sometimes love is a struggle. (Ask me how I know.) And with knitting, there’s always the frog pond, your knitting friends, and the LYS to help you undo, reset, and redo when necessary. The rest of life is a whole lot messier than this. (Ask me how I know.)

So, in the interest of looking at the carrot rather than fearing the whip, here are this weekend’s goals and some glimpses of future projects:

* Kitchener up the Moebius. Just do it.
* Cast on for the second baby sock. It’s the quickest pair you’ll ever make. The first one was perfect, so you have nothing to worry about.
* Keep plugging on the Charmed Knits hats. They’re quick, easy, and going to charity. Besides, when the book comes out you’ll want to make all the other patterns.
* Make a square for the Virginia Tech project. You won’t regret it. And since you have a cousin going to VT this fall, consider making her something comforting.
* Start a project for yourself. I know, how about socks?
* Keep working the repeats for the Irish Hiking Scarf. Mr. Beth’s birthday is in July and Christmas is in December. You’re bound to finish it before one of those dates, and you know he will like it.

Now relax and start knitting something. It’s all good.

Oh…by the way…yes, we did surpass Comment Two Hundred. However, I want to put together a little gift basket for that person, and I haven’t had a chance to do that yet. I’m currently lurking on her blog trying to get a sense of what she likes. Oh, and it’s someone for whom I already have a mailing address. So I can shop and send, and she’ll be surprised, and she can do the reveal on her blog. Need any more clues?

And my One Hundredth Post is coming up rapidly. Maybe I should try to have everything off the needles to celebrate, so I can cast on for fresh projects. Any ideas? Oh wait….

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  1. Oh, don’t be so hard on yourself! Where you see failing to stick to things, I see “Eager to learn and try new things – A++”.

    And scarves…I’m convinced they are E.V.I.L. They make you think they are soooo easy being skinny and typically simple patterns, but what they really are is the devil in disguise. They are objects of torture. They put knitters up to tests of stamina and attention keeping that are inhumane! Go ahead, ask me how many different scarves I have started since last fall. I would be best to bind them all off and give them as coasters.

  2. How the heck did you get a hold of my report cards?!?

  3. You get all A+++++ in my eyes!! Have fun with your knitting this weekend.. it’s well deserved!

  4. ::snickering:: Somehow I think most knitters would get the same report card. And I agree with cheesehead up there – scarves are evil! Best done only in company with interesting conversation, so you don’t end up trying to strangle yourself with only 5 inches of scarf. 8 inches. 12 inches. 15… Whose idea was this anyway?!

    Start another sock. 😉

    (And congrats on #200! Sheesh, way to build the suspense, there, too.)

  5. Yeah, all those comments, but look how you turned out in the end! It didn’t kill you, and you have all those wonderful skills that your past teachers probably couldn’t do. (I wonder if my students think this about me?)

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