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Well, it was bound to happen eventually, and now you will get two sets of photos out of it: the charming Ann K. visited me last night. We flashed stash, compared swap and sale yarn, talked about current and future projects and all kind of stuff, and then we took pictures!

Here is a picture I took, of Ann taking a picture of two of my kids:

Ann K. photographing the kids

She will surely have more pictures up at her blog, including pictures of us together (thanks, DH Bob!) but not including pictures of Colleen’s “knitting” demonstration. She also took the first good pictures of the stitch markers I made for the Hogwarts Sock Swap and will be e-mailing them to me. I can’t wait to show them off!

After she and Bob left and the kidlets were tucked into bed, I got to work on the T-shirt quilt, ironing fabric and cutting who knows how many strips (nod to Brian Regan’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich routine here). I took pictures of that, but it was very boring and hard to see where the cutting lines were. So instead, I took a picture of this, the quilt block that was missing from the layout the other day. The sweatshirt piece is just pinned into place here.

Pacelli quilt block

Then I put all that stuff away for the night. Tonight I will need to run the sewing machine and start putting it all together, and I don’t want to do it in the kitchen right next to where Tom is sleeping. Why did I move the dining room table back into the kitchen again? Dain bramage.

So then I popped in some Remington Steele (one episode and a featurette) and finished this:

Gryffindor cap 3 (wide stripe beanie)

I accidentally knit seven rows of gold instead of six, so increased each color section by one row, remembering how JC liked the taller hat last time. I cast on for another one almost immediately. While Ann was here I found, gadzooks, still more leftover Gryffindor colors, so I guess I will be cranking out these hats for a while. I may never get to buy Hufflepuff yarn!

By the way… if you want an improve kind of ball winder… one of those size 50 plastic needles (QuikStix?) makes a fair one if you already have one lying around. Leave a tail and start wrapping around, and in a while, presto, a centerpull ball of yarn. Be careful how you slide it off the big needle, though. It was easily remedied, but mine got a little tangled.

Back to the Harlot’s house to drool over her new sweater in progress!

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  1. I did my ball winding on a size 15 needle and didn’t have any problems with tangling. Another tip – use a loosened lampshade for a swift!

  2. Remmington Steele. Oh man, haven’t thought of that show in an age!

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