I can’t take it back, it’s already out there

And boom, the HOT box will be leaving Stevens Point today. I sent it out via a gift-basket shop, so it will look much cuter and cleverer than I could manage. And guess what, the lady who prepares the gift baskets is a knitter. The non-cyberspace variety, so she’s really tickled at this project. I promised to bring the box over to show her when it gets back to me.

There’s no new knitting to show, but maybe Pierce and I will get to work on something tonight. Oh wait…it’s Quilt Week. Well, I will take pictures of that. Aren’t sashing strips fascinating?

And I would like to issue an open invitation to Central Wisconsin knitters to visit the Portage County Cultural Festival on Saturday, May 5. There is so much going on, and it’s free, and I can’t even start to describe the whole shebang. But follow the link and maybe you’ll see that one of the features is a spinning demonstration by the wonderful people at Mielke’s Fiber Arts in Rudolph, from 10am to 5pm. I do not know them personally, yet, but they are the people I want to take spinning lessons from, and I want to go to the festival so I can watch the demo.

Unfortunately, that very date is one of the rare times that Mr. Beth’s work travel overlaps with my weekends with him, so I will be alone with the four kids all weekend, which makes going to something like this kind of… logistically challenging. So if you’re going or interested in going, maybe we could meet up and you could help me keep my kids in line meet my darling children. I’ll buy you lunch… and believe me, the lunch options at this event are staggeringly diverse, and all good. If you’re interested, just comment and I’ll get back to you.

Oh, and Monica? Thanks for keeping me honest, but I’m allowed to buy sock yarn. However, unless I start making socks with it, I won’t be able to justify it any more.

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  1. ROFL, Beth! Uh, well, see add’l comment I made to your last post – I goofed on the sale dates, it’s Wednesday/Thursday, not Tues./Wed., and did I mention I’m terrible with dates? Yah. And please, start some socks. I could use some continuing-the-socks mojo by association, as since recovering from 20 Days Without A Computer, and slowly settling in on the new (ouch), my poor socks are sorta just… sitting. You really wanna knit socks, don’t you? WWTYHD?

    Good luck on getting to the festival and kid-herding, and woohoo on future spinning. You’ll love it! Hope you get there to see the demo, it’ll really help. Bon voyage to the HOT box. LOL on the gift basket lady. We Are Everywhere!

  2. Hey lady!
    I just wanted to let you know that we’ve put an offer in on a house, got it (virtually) accepted for what we asked, and the house inspection went A-OK. That means I’m going to feel your moving pains ;D
    All we have to do is clear up the mortgage/loan thingie (my husband’s taking care of that) and recruit some friends to help cart boxes ;D

  3. Oh man – we’re going to be in the Dells that weekend. Otherwise I would have been more than happy to meet up with you and help keep your children in line – like we could tie yours and mine up all in a nice little train like line and Choo Choo them around the place.

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