Phones down

OK…I have eleven people on the circulation list for the HOT (Harlot On Tape) Tour. I am handwriting out all the directions and miscellaneous stuff, and now have a little knitting to do before I will feel ready to put it into the mailstream tomorrow morning.

The Box will start in New York State and make its way south, then west across the country. Everything you need is inside. If you are on the distribution list and you have any questions, just e-mail me.

In other news, we made it through First Communion (I cried, I cried). Here is My Boy all dressed up standing next to his banner.

JC, First Communion, 4/22/07

And for those of you who have been waiting to see Thursday’s sock yarn purchase (you know who you are), here it is.

Wildfoote sock yarn

And today? Well, no actual knitting (and everything I got done on Saturday on the wide-stripe Gryffindor beanie I will probably frog), but since I got 7 ounces of undyed wool from Lauren on Saturday, I went out today to buy a small spatterware kettle for the Kool-Aid dyeing. There was a full-canning-size one at Goodwill for $4, but it had rust patches on the bottom, and I just felt that it was something that was A Bad Idea. So now I have a new one from Target for not much more (although it is smaller), and a heatproof resin pasta server I thought would be good for the process, and 8 packets of Cherry Kool-Aid. Still haven’t tracked down the Black Cherry I wanted, and thinking about switching to Grape. (I want a purple-red variegated color.) I don’t know when I will get to this, since I need to be in Quilt Mode this week, but I’ll definitely take pictures and welcome your hints and suggestions about Kool-Aid dyeing.

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  1. Hurray for HOT! LOL, I love that. Bless you, Beth, this is going to be great fun. And congrats on First Communion! Speaking of sock yarn… [eg] (Oops. Reading back, you’re yarn dieting. Uh, well… for your other readers? ::runs:: ) There’s an Etsy seller local to me who’s having a sale this Tuesday and Wednesday you and readers might be interested in. She makes lovely rainbow-painted yarns, at great prices, and does lots of sock yarn. (Also cashmere laceweight and others.) Go check out Fearless Fibers at:

    She’s putting the sale yarns up around 7 a.m. PDT, so you folks further back East may get a jump on us Westerners. 😉 No, I’m not her ad agency. [g] Just a customer who plans on getting online early, LOL.

    As to dyeing – haven’t done it with Kool-Aid, I went the natural dye, then fiber-specific dye route. But you were dead on re the rust patches on the Goodwill kettle. An enameled dyepot should *not* have any breaks in the enamel, because metal can affect the dye results. Enamel’s ok as long as it’s not chipped, rusted., etc. Aluminum and glass are also ok. Cast-iron and copper, not good, because they’ll react with the dyes also. Which can be ok if you want the effect the added metal salts will give, but not if you don’t!

    And just in case the articles you’ve read haven’t made one thing crystal clear re Kool-Aid – as it contains food dye, it’s an acid dye. This means it won’t take well on celullose fibers. Acid dyes = for protein fibers (animal, including silk, and nylon, which reacts like silk), and they need heat and acid present to strike. Fiber-reactive dyes = for cellulose (cottons, rayons, hemp, linen), and they don’t always need heat, but they need an alkali to strike. On the latter fibers, acid dyes are fugitive (fade quickly), and non-color and lightfast. This despite all those Kool-Aid stains you’ve ever moaned about on cotton T-shirts. [g] If you’ve ever noticed, after several washes they pretty much turn gray more than any other color. This will even affect blended-fiber yarns, so if you try Kool-Aid on a wool/cotton mix, the color will work fine on the wool content, not so great on the cotton, and will get more washed out on the cotton content as time goes on.

    I could go on, but this is already a book. 😉 Last suggestion – have you Googled for Kool-Aid dyeing tips? There are a bunch out there.

  2. Ack! And oops. That yarn sale is *Wednesday* and Thursday.

    Oh well, you were dieting anyway…um, right? ::slinks off::

  3. Love the name and cannot wait H.O.T.!!! And there is something about suits, lends a sense of sophistication that then seems to add years to, what you thought yesterday, was your little boy.

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