Two for one!

Here I present to you… not one, but two completed Gryffindor beanies!

Gryffindor caps 1 and 2

The one on the left shows what can happen if you misread the pattern and don’t start your color change until five inches instead of three, then whip out your stripes and decrease for the crown immediately afterward. (It’s perfect for people with tall heads, high brows, etc.) The one on the right was done to pattern.

They were both amazingly fast knits….in fact I did the second one in less than 24 hours. And the stripes take such a little bit of yarn that I can probably make another two beanies just like these from what’s still left in my stash. But I think I will try one in the wide stripe version so the weaving in at the end is a little easier.

I have been adding more shows to the end of my Harlot tape, but this morning’s taping yielded an episode of “Uncommon Threads,” and this afternoon’s DiY schedule is still listed as TBA on Charter. So we may all be treated to some Indy racing after all, because I want to start this box going around. I have eleven people on the distribution list so far (and need to get mailing addresses from Holly, Lisa, and Sonya).

I’ll try to get the box mailed next Monday, after JC is finished with his First Communion and the resulting family weekend. I might not be able to blog this weekend, but I will certainly check my e-mails for the addresses.

Knitwise, last night I finally dragged out the Moebius scarf and got brave. EZ said, take out the cast-on and pick up those stitches. Trouble is, integral I-cord nothwithstanding, I wasn’t sure how that would go. So I did a combination of picking up the stitches, then taking out a few stitches of cast-on, then picking up a few more.

By the time I was halfway across I could clearly see I had picked up the wrong set of stitches. Down there were the right ones, peeping up at me like baby Kilroys over the fence the needle was making.

So. Hmm. I threaded the darning needle with the yarn from the cast-on, and picked up those stitches. Yes, I was picking up and picking up and ripping out at the same time, practically on the same row. It was damned confusing.

Then I took the needle out and was relieved to see that the stitches on the yarn were the right stitches after all. So I used the needle to pick the rest of those up. At the end I realized that I only had 32 stitches on the cast-on end, and the correct 33 on the bind-off end. But I found the missing stitch and, rather than re-thread and re-pick and risk screwing something up, I stuck a dpn through it and packed everything away for the next quiet evening. At which time I’ll sit down with the appropriate issue of Knitty and graft the garter stitch, step by step with pictures.

Sheesh, I need a drink now just re-reading this. But last night, I did it all stone-cold sober. I guess it couldn’t have happened any other way.

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  1. The beanies look great!!! Sorry about the scarf, go get some chocolate.

  2. I should like to be added to the list to receive the Knitty Gritty tape, please, if it’s not too late.

  3. You must be the fastest knitter ever. I just finished (as in still need to weave in ends, wash, and block finished) the never-ending afghan. It took months. I’m so glad I’m giving it away; I never want to see it again.

    On to socks…

  4. It’s often OK to have a slight discrepancy between two edges to be grafted together – one stitch is certainly normal. Yeah, I see that in this case you were supposed to have 33 at both ends, but just in general – think about it: the stitches are offset by 1/2 because the u-shaped loop of the upper edge corresponds to the n-shaped looop of the lower, if you see what I mean. With an exactly equal number of stitches you end up having to fudge a half-stitch at each end. Which is also fine, mind you. In fact, you end up having to fudge a half-stitch at the ends anyway. Oh, never mind.

  5. After that knitting surgery you do deserve a drink!

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