Birthday boy

Jack’s birthday party (Saturday) was fun. We keep these things super low-key here, so the most fun part was “decorating” the room with streamers and balloons while Jack was out shopping with Dad. Jack got to pick out his own treat, so they came home with a cake with balloons on it instead of blue cupcakes with blue icing (which I was supposed to make, but I abdicated my baking responsibilities).

Birthday tableau for Jack, 3

JC made up Jack’s name in Duplos — his original idea. And that’s our “happy birthday” banner taped to the table. Jack seemed to like everything, though the presents were very simple: a sailboat for the tub, another Thomas train (Mike), some shirts, and “Blue Mater” from Cars. Colleen offered to wrap up her pink and purple cell phone for him, so we did. And after the big celebration we found him here:

Jack, shelved

Hey, it’s exhausting to turn three. Apparently.

Later in the day, I heard a strange sound from upstairs. All the other kids were downstairs, so I had the feeling Jack was stuck somewhere. I was right:

Jack, stuck

Colleen’s room was trashed, so I assured him that I would let him out as soon as I got the room clean. Which I did. The thing he’s stuck in is the seat to an old baby swing, the rest of which is broken. I thought Colleen would like to put her dolls in it. Every so often, Jack wants to put himself in it. Same results, every time.

Well. Knitwise, I have three projects on the verge of finishing, and I’m going to try to do that tonight. After taking everyone to the Pack meeting, in which JC is part of both the opening and closing ceremonies. Don’t ask how I’m going to accomplish this, because, frankly, I don’t know yet. Pack meetings are held in the school lunchroom, which is down about twenty steps in the grade school basement. So no double stroller. Tom will be in his car seat. And oh yes, JC is requested to be there early to be ready to do the flag ceremony. I don’t know if anyone will be helping me manage the Wonder Twins.

So, after we get done with all that and everyone is in bed, here’s the plan. Finish the baby sock by grafting the toe. Take my newfound Kitchenering skills and put them to immediate use to finish the Moebius. Then pick up the Charmed Knits Gryffindor cap and start decreasing for the crown. It’s a 14-round process to the end, which is all familiar stuff. I just have to throw a stitch marker in there and get going.

If tonight is Finishing Night, tomorrow can be Picture Day and maybe I can get some new stuff on the needles.

Speaking of which…when I was shopping at Herrschners yesterday for my swap buddies, I just about broke my heart at the yarn I didn’t buy. It was a variegated purple with just a touch of blue in it, and there were four skeins of it…easily enough to do a sweater pattern in a German magazine I have. It was marked down to $3.99 a skein. DAMN you, Knit From Your Stash! I’m sure it will be gone the next time I go there, and I’m trying not to think about it.

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  1. LOL! You poor thing.. You’ll get another yarn that’s better and more beautiful to knit that sweater!

    Did you end up ordering the sock yarn you wanted from another shop? Or will you be ordering it from Iris? And did you still want to schedule a few hours of knitting next week Wednesday (If I can swing it)?

    BTW — I have a contest going on over at my BLOG — that I posted yesterday morning.. IF you haven’t already, leave a comment and you’ll be included in the chance to win a skein of sock yarn OR the Favorite Socks book I have!

  2. Your fellow blogger, friend, fiber nut (case), and suppose-to-be prize deliverer just bought the bubble envelope to put the yarn in. It will be mailed tomorrow; I promise.

    BTW, I think I need a baby thing like that for Pint to get himself stuck into; it would save me so much tidying up time!

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