Just showing up

…is half the battle today. ’nuff said.

Yesterday I ripped out the starts to two? three? socks before going to class — Tsocks 101, to be specific. Having proved to myself that (a) I am capable of performing a provisional cast-on and (b) I do not have enough sock experience to discern when I’m doing the increases in the wrong location and (c) there are only so many times I’m willing to repeat the same provisional cast-on in the same evening, particularly when said evening is, shall we say, hormonally influenced — I decided to go to school.

Tsocks 101 is a very good school with a witty and patient teacher. When I get my freelance check (are you listening, F+W Publications???) I promise to pay my tuition fees and buy my textbook and materials.

And I am looking forward to those lovely materials… but for now I’m using my new-found wisdom and experience for the benefit of my Hogwarts Sock Swap pal. So no posts of Hogwarts colorway socks-in-progress, sorry. I have enough worries that I’m going to blow my cover somehow.

In other knitting news, there is none.

In househunting news, there is none.

Except that when I called (again) to find out the square footage of the farmhouse we were interested in, I was told there was already an accepted offer. What is it about realtors that when an offer is accepted, they feel absolutely no obligation to tell this fact to any other interested party? This has now happened to us twice. Update the MLS data, folks. The same day. I don’t care if you have to undo it later if the deal falls through. Just change the status. We drove four hours on Easter Sunday to look at this property. We deserve to know.


Back to today’s business. Now that the driveway and the front walks are shoveled free of snow and slush, that should be done, maybe for the year. One can only hope.

I hope today’s business is knitting, because tonight’s business is Cub Scout Den Meeting. And if we don’t get on the ball tonight, all these boys are going to have to be working on Wolf all next year.

In a somewhat related note, I found my Camp Fire Girl stuff yesterday, including all my beads. Wanna see? 

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  1. I did our shoveling this A.M., too, and am hoping that was it for this winter-that-won’t-go-away. I imagine all my little sproutlings will die. Poor little plants!

    Sorry to hear about the farmhouse. That’s lame.

  2. Sorry you are having such a rough day – and sorry about all the sock trouble!

    I also hope this is the LAST we see of the snow until 2 days before Christmas!

    Let me know if I can be of any help on the socks – not that I am full of knowledge either. ☺

  3. O – M – G! I was a Camp Fire Girl too! There are so many girls that were Girl Scouts.. I RARELY find another that was possibly a blue bird! LOL!

    Stephanie selected what she wanted from my stash… your turn to choose from her stash! 🙂 Have fun!

  4. Aw… SHUCKS!

  5. oh for pete’s sake the freakin’ SNOW. It will apparently visit us in NY again on Sunday with the added joy of winds clocking 60 – 80mph?? I’m hoping the guy read the que card wrong on that one cause that will blow critters off their feet. Shepherds as well, come to think of it.
    Now, on to important questions: What exactly is Ann K speaking of when she offers you the selection of another’s stash?? I mean, there are plenty of stashes out there I’d like to fondle, let alone choose from… and this from the gal with dye pots round the clock & 100’s of pounds of sock yarn in the spare bedroom, and 340 sheep out in the yard… but I digress.

  6. Hey! I didn’t realize I was ‘logged in’ when I left that last post. That link doesn’t work any longer, you can find me at the fiberfarm.blogspot.com, sorry for the multiple post.

  7. Beth-

    When the time is right, you guys will find YOUR farm. Keep the faith.

    Meanwhile, it may jazz you to know just a little more about what you started with the Stash Swap…

    With my sock yarn spare parts that I got from Ann K., I knit a pair of socklets for the midget. You can see them at:


    See? You just never know the influence you have on people….ripples in the pond etc., etc.


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