It’s snowing…again

The really big snow is following Mr. Beth around, but it’s looking pretty wintery up here, too. I wish that circumstances would let me get some knitting done today because I’d really feel as if I were doing it in season. Scarves? Hats? Socks? Bring ’em on!
Maybe tonight is the night to Kitchener up that Moebius.

I started my first Hogwarts sock last night after I finally found a toe-up pattern online that didn’t require all the supplies that were in the room in which the baby was sleeping. It’s the elann pattern but it now looks very sloppy to me and I think I’ll just start over. I really liked the neat edge that Cookie A got with her “twinkle toes” pattern last week on Knitty Gritty, so I’d better take another look at it and make sure I gather everything I need *before* bedtimes this time.

If you have any suggestions, I welcome them! However, I’m not sure how to do a provisional cast-on so that probably eliminates about half the patterns. And why am I choosing to do a toe-up, you ask? Mostly for color placement. Otherwise, just to be different in process from the Secret Knitting Project, which is cuff-down. Oh, did I give too much away?

It’s tough getting started today. The kids are antsy and hungry and mischievous (no! not my children) and I find myself chasing after them picking up their piles of plastic crap toys and books rather than leading them towards what I want them to do meaningful activities.

Pictures later, if I get off my ass complete a project or make reasonable progress.

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  1. “If you have any suggestions,” says she. Oh, that’s so cute….

  2. Again, I suspect the Tsarina of Tsocks has forgotten more than I’ll ever know about socks — but a provisional cast-on isn’t hard! The easiest is probably the crocheted one (and I don’t crochet!) See Wendy’s exposition on knitty, yes?
    The third one, Easy Toe, is what I use [except with two circular needles and a slightly different provisional caston, but really the same! Really!] I’ve done other toe-up cast-ons that caused a small ridge on the inside of the toe, which bugs me no end.

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