It’s a boy! And it’s a girl!

Lauren’s ewe Charlotte had her lambs on Easter Sunday, with what sounds like a lot of help from Lauren. You can find the details here, with more to come as everyone recovers.

My son suggested two sets of names for the wee ones: John and Julia, or perhaps Push and Pull?

Congratulations to all!

In possibly related news, we drove to Juneau yesterday to take a peek at a hobby farm that’s for sale. It’s 3-5 acres, with barn, garage, and farmhouse, and about a mile from civilization. Nobody was home and there were no flyers, so we’re going to have our agent take the next step and find out more. But if the house is big enough and everything else works out, it could be our sheep/alpaca farm similar to the setup Lauren has. Though a bit colder (it’s snowing again today).

I worked on the SKP in the car. I would show you a picture but the batteries in my digital camera are too low to take one. I have to go to Best Buy and consult the Geek Squad about my iBook anyway, so I’ll get batteries while I’m there. (My 8 year old is unduly excited about meeting a member of the Geek Squad.)

I also have to get some sock yarn — I got my secret pal in the Hogwarts Sock Swap, and since I don’t have any solid color sock yarns…..darn, time to go to the store. Ann K. has offered to go to Iris on my behalf and deliver me the goods on her way to Black Purl. Maybe there will be a little something from Herrschners waiting for her?

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  1. Squeeeeeeee!! Bestill my heart! MAYBE a little something for me!? I’ll go anywhere and pick up anything!! LOL!

    BTW — Stephanie hasn’t contacted me — I’ll give her another few days then you can select from my stash. I may have a few other items to post if you can’t possibly choose from what I offered thus far.

  2. Oh, please do join the ranks of us nutters with hobby farms – you will love it! BTW- I HIGHLY recommend Shetland Sheep. And chickens.

  3. aww.. what cute little lambies!
    hope you’re well!
    Sorry that i’ve not written/commented lately– 90 people signed up for my KAL. it’s crazy ;D

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