Trial separation

Dear Flylady,

I know you meant well for me, tried to be there for me, only tried to give your most useful suggestions for how I could be a better person.

You didn’t push your products on me (too much), and for that I am grateful.

And you always reminded me that I didn’t have to catch up with you, I could just jump right in. I had your permission to delete any of your e-mails that I saw fit.

But the truth is…it’s not you, it’s me.

I’m just not ready for another system in my life besides “cope as best you can” right now.

I’m living in a house that’s too small, and the things I need to organize have no place to go.

I’d rather ignore the dishes and go knit for a few minutes to try to soothe my nerves.

My idea of loving movement right now is making more cookies.

And my mailbox…well, let’s just say that after I cleared out over 300 e-mails from it last night, it did make me wonder if you were stalking me. Just a teensy bit.

So it’s goodbye for now. Don’t worry, if I need you I know where to find you. (Probably sanitizing something, or clearing off a Hot Spot, or organizing your tax receipts from three years ago, Just In Case.)


Back to life.

If I work on the Moebius at all today, I should be able to finish it. Go see Ruthless Knitting for the Lucy Neatby weaving technique I will probably use. It is genius!

Last night I cast on for my first Charmed Knits cap, and knitted three rows of 1×1 ribbing. I would have finished the ribbing because I was really on a roll, but it was midnight and the baby was crying. Some nights, there’s only so far you can push your luck.

And I have a confession to make: I did go back to Herrschners and buy the orphan skein. It’s 50g, not enough for a pair of socks or maybe even one sock, but I thought it would make neat toes and heels if I paired it with my other Debbie Bliss Denim Aran.

Orphan Aran

Anything else? Oh yes, I must truthfully acknowledge that I am not quite participating in all of the Knitalongs I have listed on my blog. I am signed up for one of them, and intend to sign up for two more…. but since I hear that I am perceived as being willing and able to participate in all of them, I’d like to continue the mystery and just let you imagine which ones I’m in and which ones I’m not. In fact, I may be adding a few others to add to the mystique of the whole thing. Who knows, maybe I will become “Beth, the Knitter of Mystery.”

Gotta go, it’s time for the Backyardigans!

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  1. Face it now, honey. Living in a bigger house will not solve the problem. My house is WAY too big for the number of people and animals inhabiting it, and “the things I need to organize” STILL “have no place to go.” It’s a corollary to Somebody’s Law: clutter expands to fill (and overfill) the space allotted. I suspect the answer is not to eliminate the clutter but to embrace it. (Let’s all go out and buy *A Perfect Mess*, shall we?) OTOH, moderation in all things, including moderation – I’m trying to learn to draw the line between “intolerable” and “creative.” I haven’t succeeded yet.

  2. I had to laugh out loud at your intro to this – I’ve tried the FlyLady thing with all the darn emails to boot, I do think it’s a good system, and I did pretty well for awhile (but only for awhile) Ah – consistency is just not my strong suit unfortunately, and I too would rather spend my few minutes knitting 😉

  3. That Denim Aran is nice, and it will probably work well with your other color. I used to have some Opal sock yarn that looked kind of like that.

  4. Totally confused on the Flylady thing… though I only skimmed it.. I love the Denim Aran — Very nice… BTW — I haven’t heard from Stephanie and will hold out till Monday at Noon.. then you can pick out what you’d like from the stash that I posted. 🙂

  5. First of all, I don’t take a hankering (feelin’ my wild west side today) to folks forcing their strange city-folk ways on me. Secondly, I’ve been damned disorganized for years now and I think it’s just too late to change me; it might interfere with that whole artistic mojo.

    But… how ’bout them new Backyardigan episodes? I love “Cops and Robots!”

    Choose your prize woman.

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