New goodies, and old goodies

Okay, I’m not made of stone. I just had to go to Herrschners this morning to pick up needles for a new project: Alison Hansel’s Charmed Knits KAL. Knowing from the Lego-scarf swatching disaster (not to mention my mother’s enormous hat for her non-enormous head) that I am a loose knitter and should work one needle smaller, I (darnit) had to buy three new sets of needles to do the cap.

And yes, I’m working from stash on this hat, since I already have Gryffindor colors on hand, leftover from The Scarf That Started It All. I can’t say the same for the next hat. One of the other Harry Potter KAL sites sorted me into Hufflepuff, so I decided to go with that for my KAL work. But I won’t buy yarn for that hat until I’m done with this one. (That way I can justify it as part of a current project. Ha!)

Here’s the project yarn for the cap:

Gryffindor cap 1

And, while I was there….I scoped out the clearance bins. Organized (but didn’t buy) several balls of Lana Grossa, found an orphan Debbie Bliss Denim Aran skein in purple (which I am now kicking myself I didn’t buy), and spotted yet another skein of Red Heart blue camo acrylic (which I didn’t buy because I don’t know the lot number of the matching ones I already have). Sigh. I didn’t find any keepers.

Determined to find sock yarn, I bought this instead:

Patons Kroy Jacquard

Patons Kroy sock yarn. They had a denim self-patterning jacquard colorway, but only one skein. 😦

The only downside here is that no pattern is supplied for actually making the sock. None on the ball band, none at the store, and none on the web site. No indication if you go toe-up or cuff-down. If you know where the pattern or guidelines are for this sock, please tell me and I’ll send you a dozen chocolate chip cookies!

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  1. Beth-

    The best on-line site for sock patterns is (Which I’m sure you know about by now…) Search the archives for sock patterns – there are tons. I just finished one called Monkey which I really like with self-striping yarn (what you bought) and it’s pretty easy.

    Of course, the book Folk Socks by Nancy Bush has my all-time basic sock pattern in the foreword section – pretty utilitarian, but I can send it along if you don’t have the book. Just let me know your e-mail and I’ll type it out.

    I see you’ve gone for the 52PairPlunge, so the Folk Socks book wouldn’t be a bad investment…(grin)

  2. Did I miss something? *Which* sock? Is it a specific sock, or just sockness in general? You want sock advice, I got sock advice. You want custom fit? I gotcha covered.

  3. I just posted pictures of what I’m offering to you or Stephanie in our little Stash Swap — Check it out on my BLOG!

  4. Hi, Beth!
    The sock they show on the ballband looks like your very basic top down sock with a non-short row heel. But I like toe-up ’cause then I know I can just knit until I run out of yarn. My current favorite is on knitty, called Widdershins, which looks like the sock on the label but is toe up; or Wendy’s toe-up sock pattern which is a short-row heel.
    The Tsock Tsarina is the sock goddess, though, heaven knows.
    I drove up Wed and saw the Harlot, who was rather crispy by this point in the tour, but very funny; I would never have guessed her experiences in the soul-destroying hell of O’Hare by her demeanour. I wonder if her luggage caught up to her? Wish you could have come! I did bring her string cheese and La Crosse beer and a Wisconsin washcloth, hoping to promote visiting Wisconsin in person. I won’t go on about her appearance any more, though, since I was able to abandon my children to see her, and you weren’t…
    Stay warm,

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