Land of confusion

Here’s the day so far (done in Den of Chaos style):

Loaded everyone in the van to take JC to school.

Dropped him off just in time for him to run in the building with his class; took everyone else to Target.

Did the shopping, swung by the Armory to vote.

Voted (mayor, unopposed alderman, public school board).

Went home, unloaded everything we bought, and all children.

Told children to stay in the living room while I bagged the three piles of leaves that have been sitting in the yard for a week. (Forecast is for rain turning to 1-3 inches of snow by tonight.)

Mission accomplished. Came in at 10am to find message on voicemail, left at 8:30.

It’s not from my husband, who’s flying to Atlanta this morning. It’s from the school. JC is upset because he can’t go on the field trip (WTF?) because I didn’t sign his permission slip (WTF??), which was due yesterday (WTF???). (Note: I spent an hour at school yesterday morning creating a bulletin board for the April birthday kids. No one said a word about any missing slip.)

Load children back into van.

Drive back to school.

Sign my name on a piece of paper that says my child is now allowed to walk to the middle school and back in the rain. (OK, it’s the living Stations of the Cross, which is pretty important, but still.)

Back home.

Message on voicemail.

From Mr. Beth, at 10:01 am. Calling from the airport.

Log on to the Internet, check his flight status, and call him back to tell him his flight has been delayed half an hour and he should buy himself some lunch.

Visit, and browse the menu with him. Applaud his choice of sandwich.

And to think, I decided, no, I really don’t need to treat myself with anything today (Arctic Lace from the bookstore or sock yarn from Herrschners).

I hope the yarn stash swap continues…it’s Ann K‘s turn to host but I have not heard from her.

News flash! Colleen just rushed up to the baby gate wearing Jack’s Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas and announced that she is a spy. Holding out her unbuttoned pajama top like she wants to sell me a fake Rolex, she whispers that she has lots of gadgets. (“The telephone turns into a motorcycle, the finder-glass turns into an airplane.”)

Now, five minutes later, she is wearing only a diaper (we are in regression from being potty trained) and his yellow T-shirt. She is “a runner, jumping over all the branches.”

I wonder if I could borrow her outlook on life for a few hours.

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  1. Hey Beth — I sent you an email the other day about the swap — I’m getting my stash together and will post by Thursday of this week.

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