Blog of the minute

I was shocked to log in last night and see that my blog was the WordPress blog of the minute yesterday. So what did everyone get to read about during my blog’s twenty-four hours of prominence?

How pleased I was to fit into size 12 jeans. How charming. Betcha even the random number generator’s not going to want to pick this blog again any time soon.

Knitting update: I took three projects with me last weekend and worked on all of them. I came across a knot in Skein Four of the Moebius, and calmly tinked back to the beginning of the row, untied the knot, spliced the ends, and resumed knitting. (I was so proud of myself for not fuming, as I had only spliced the fourth skein a few rows back.)

I also did a couple of repeats in the Irish Hiking Scarf. I only do one repeat per sitting because I’m worried that I will lose count if I do more than that. One repeat was done at the house, and one in the car out to see The House (which turned out not to be The House, and since all three of us forgot to bring cameras, I’ll just drop the topic now — nothing to see here).

I also worked on the little multicolored mystery project I posted pictures of the other day. (Long-time readers may recognize it as the second knitting of what was once Kelly’s Blankie, a blanket knitted for Colleen’s phantom baby while I was pregnant with Tommy and she was just a teensy bit jealous.) Well, now it’s an experimental little purse. I’m not ready to post an updated photo yet….maybe when the strap is done.

The kids managed to do interesting things with the doll collection at Grandma Sharon’s. Here, I think Colleen has put them all down for naps:

Napping dolls

I think that’s it. The surprise date was very very nice. I hope I didn’t ruin it when I kept talking about knitting. Here is where we went:

Johnny Manhattan’s

We did not get Manhattans, though, we stuck to beer (New Glarus on tap for me!). And had wonderful food: onion rings that were easily four times taller than any we’d ever had. Crab and mushroom soup (why didn’t I think of that?). And salads. And a petite filet with four jumbo shrimp, which I couldn’t even finish. And a well-recommended twice-baked potato, which I didn’t even take a bite of. We had to go for a short stroll after dinner, just to make sure we would feel comfortable sitting in the car! And about one minute after we got back in the car, it started raining. Perfect timing.

Now it’s time to enhance Lauren’s stash and get a mailing together with the yarn she picked in the swap, which should now be at Ann K‘s place today. Stephanie gets to pick from Ann’s offerings, and I get something from Stephanie.

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  1. Sorry to hear that it wasn’t The House. Maybe the next one will be the One! Meanwhile, I think the pleasure of fitting into smaller jeans is as good a subject as any to discuss on your day of fame.

  2. New Glarus???!!! I miss that so much! They don’t brew that down here in Texas:(

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