Knitting, houses, and dinner, oh my

Not ONLY do I get to knit all the way to Milwaukee and back this weekend, AND look at what might be THE house, Mr. Beth has revealed his secret plans to take me out to dinner tonight.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any jeans that fit me, and I suspect they snuck back to Ohio in Mom’s suitcase. But then I had a flash of inspiration, and cracked the lid on the Enormous Blue Bucket of clothes I had hauled up from the basement a few days ago.

Non-Maternity Clothes. Including three pairs of size 12 jeans. Which I now fit into.

I won’t go modeling again anytime soon, but I am happy. Now to select the knitting projects for the van ride. Oh yes, and change diapers and pack overnight bags for the kids. That kind of stuff.

Stash Swap is at Melanie’s, 6pm Eastern tonight. And you won’t believe what the lucky winning bidder could get, so good luck Ann K and Stephanie, have your keyboards ready!

Oh yeah…I wasn’t planning to see Harlot at St. Paul. I am husbandless during the week, and I would have to take all four kids on a three-hour drive each way just to see her….on a school night. Let’s just say this would not make the best impression. Instead I am trying to convince her to attend the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in September, by which time I hope to be living within 30 minutes of said festival. I hope to lure her with New Glarus Spotted Cow and piles of fresh squeaky cheese. Maybe I should start sending samples of these items to Jayme-the-wonder-publicist. Will the Wisconsin knitters who go to St. Paul and get to talk to her help me plead my case? I think I’ve hijacked her comments about it as many times as I dare.

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  1. Exciting that you MAY? be moving to the Milw area? Can’t wait to hear more!

    I totally missed the swap the other night, but emailed Melanie today… we’ll see if it was too late or not. I think we should email eachother in addition to posting it on our blogs? How does that sound? I was around.. just didn’t go blogging.

    I would love to meet the Yarn Harlot… I wonder if she’ll be at Stitches Midwest (Chicago) in August? I’m planning on going… Wanna go?

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