Welcome to Knitsville, population us

Yes, I just blasted through the Harlot’s new book last night. (Thanks, kids, for being happy to have cold leftover pizza for dinner.) I’m starting again today so I can etch it deeper in my brain.

It’s not a book for Muggles, and maybe not for new knitters. But it’s a wonderful book for Knitters, those of us who are already entrenched, addicted, and loving it all. It’s funny and clever and makes you laugh out loud for a variety of reasons. The illustrations are inspired, and the travel quotes are so apt. The whole package is so well put together it makes me think, Gee, maybe I should just send my ideas to these people instead of being a small publisher myself.

The only thing I miss is an index so I can look up all my favorite parts again and again. But I’m always missing an index when I read knitting or craft books. So it’s quite possible that it could just be me. And maybe the Tsarina, too. And Ruth. But other than that.

With that and the new Vogue Knitting in my wooly hands, I feel all wrapped up in the knitting world. Mr. Beth has volunteered to do all the driving this weekend so that I can knit in the van. I got some supplies this morning to start putting together the working copy of my craft store directory. I’m within sight of the fourth skein for the Moebius. I’m full of ideas for experimenting with my own designs. I’m reading the second Maggie Sefton knitting murder mystery. And I’m hoping to visit a new yarn store this weekend.

And, I made cherry chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Give me a Coke in a glass bottle and all’s right with the world. Wait a minute….

Coke bottle


(Oh yeah, props to the first person who gets the reference in the title.)

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  1. Homer Simpson? Welcome to Dumpsville, Population You?

  2. Oh, Lauren beat me to it.

    (Thanks for saying nice things about the book. I’m glad you like it.)

  3. If it references the Simpsons, it was unintentional. I was thinking of something else. Guess again!

  4. Don’t know about the title, unless it’s from Stephanie’s new book; I inhaled it and now, like you, have to go back and savor.
    I have to ask– are you going to St. Paul Wednesday???

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