I can write with string, sort of

Remember what the Harlot said in Knitting Rules! about being so dim as to be fascinated by self-patterning sock yarn? Well, try it with separate solid colors and see how dim you feel.

LEGO band, front

Unfortunately, with this kind of knitting it’s the back of the work which exposes how truly dim you are.

LEGO band, back

It’s a lousy photo that, if it weren’t lousy, would show why you’re not supposed to carry color for a billion stitches. The front says LEGO because I made it say LEGO. No matter how the back is weeping. (The needle is pointing at a strand of yarn that must cross ten stitches.)

For a couple of rows, there, though, I think I was actually using the proper technique. Then I got to where I had to add blue in for the top of the O and the G and the E, and I just kind of shoved it in there. I bossed my knitting around too much, and I really should figure out how to do it properly. For this project, I think I’ll put the live stitches on scrap yarn, then start another scarf end. Whenever I have two good ends, I can keep knitting and graft them together in the middle. But this isn’t one of those ends.

Stash Swap Week continues today at Lauren’s place, where I’ll be hanging out at swap time just for the hell of it, since I can’t bid. But I am curious to see which of the two lots will be chosen. It’s kind of like being in junior high school again, picking sides in gym class. Which unwanted specimen will be next to last, and which will be last? I’ve done my time as the unwanted specimen, so of course I want them both.

I must be secretly stressed…I find myself snacking constantly even when I’m not hungry, and planning on baking chocolate chip cookies. My week as a Flylady has me confident that I can take the small steps to clean things up, but two weeks off the Flylady wagon has robbed me of any sense of urgency about getting back on. Plus, I probably have about 100 of her e-mails clogging things up. I really should unsubscribe, after I make those cookies.

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  1. Oh yes – all those emails! I usually would delete them every week or so and had a filter set up to funnel them to their own folder. I got to where I had what I needed written down so I didn’t actually need to read them except to see the daily mission. This time around I solved that problem by making the daily mission page on her website my home page so it’s the first thing I see in the morning. Sofa diving today – I’m totally scared since it is a second hand sofa and I know it was full of stuff when I got it.

    I pulled out my control journal last night and looked at it – my youngest was about 8 months old – over 2 years ago when I last updated my routines because my daily “to do” has bottle feedings on it! I fell off for a long time!! Sorry to hijack the comments. Maybe I shoulda just emailed!

    Good luck on that stranded knitting. I’m still too scared to try it!

  2. […] to the baby-tsock toe, do another IHS repeat (a full one this time) and start writing with string again. I really think this will go better this time, since instead of trying to do mosaic knitting I will […]

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