Stash swap roll call!

It’s Stash Swap Week! Sound off today if you want to be included! I have the following people already signed up:

  • Lauren
  • Melanie
  • Michele
  • Ann K.
  • Stephanie

I’m going to list my stash lots now, give everyone time to mull over what they want and what they’re willing to give for it, then tomorrow take bids. How is noon Eastern for a common bid time, since we can all figure out when that is?

Lot 1: DMC Senso

This is a 70 percent cotton, 30 percent wool blend crochet thread in grey heather. Worked with, but frogged and carefully rewound onto the ball. Color Number 1305, Lot Number 72392. 100 yards, 29 grams.

Lot 1

Lot 2: Red Heart Grey Heather

This is 5 ounces (141 grams), or 278 yards (254 m) of worsted weight acrylic in grey heather. Never used. Dye Lot is number 106 0528 2.

Lot 2

Lot 3: Red Heart Blue Camo

This is another 5 oz (141 g) skein of Red Heart acrylic, in the blue camo multicolor. Never used. I bought it for a camo hoodie pullover for Jack, but it doesn’t match my other skeins’ dye lots. This Dye Lot number is 5505 4 6 2.

Lot 3

Lot 4: Reynolds Lite-Lopi

I have two skeins of this 100 percent wool. One skein was knitted up into a partial sock, then frogged and rewound (the one that looks like a sweet potato). The other skein is untouched. Each skein is 50 grams and about 109 yards. Color is 0422, Lot is 7438. It’s a lovely evergreen color.

Lot 4

Lot 5: Fun Fur Free-For-All!

This lot contains a variety of fun fur yarns leftover from my chemo cap period. Two 50g skeins Moda Dei Dream (3705 pink, lot 612; 3503 plum, lot 978). About 25 g Lion Brand Fun Fur, black. About 30g (???) Lion Brand Microspun, electric turquoise blue. Two partial skeins of teal and lavender fun fur, ball bands hiding. You might be able to knit 4-6 hats out of this lot.

Lot 5

That’s all I have for now for the Stash Swap. If you are not listed above, please e-mail me at wicrafter AT charter DOT net by the end of the day. Bidders, be ready at noon Eastern tomorrow. I’ll accept the first bid posted to the blog, then that bidder will offer lots from their stash at their blog the next day, with whatever terms and times they like. After a whole round of swaps, let’s mail our packages and see where we stand.

New goodies:

Sweater and needles

No, I didn’t make that sweater with those needles. The rosewood needles I picked up from Black Purl in Wausau yesterday. They just looked cool. Mr. Beth drove me up there to get patterns for the Patrick sweater (yes, Ann K, I bought it because of you!) and the Let’s Twist Again sweater and I just had to have them. I’m thinking of buying special needles from each Wisconsin yarn store so I can remember the event (yes, visiting an LYS is an event for me) every time I knit.

The sweater is one my Mom brought with her when she visited, so I have a reference for size and style when I knit her a sweater. I don’t even have to do the Fair Isle, just find the right cranberry heather yarn. When I saw this sweater, I immediately thought, “I have to learn how to use EPS and do this EZ style.” I tried to describe it to Mom, and she was amazed that I might be able to knit a seamless sweater.

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  1. First of all, lovely sweater. I look forward to seeing your version.

    Secondly, great stuff. I’m feeling a little stupid about the whole thing because, well never mind. I’ve picked what I want of yours and will try to be at the computer and pray my internet is working at 9am. I’ve also picked up what I am willing to swap but it’s so hard. I need them to make Fiberette gum for times like these.

  2. So sad — I won’t be around tomorrow at that time.. I’ll have to wait till the next person’s stash. I’ve been busy, busy, busy! Hopefully next week will be less eventful. 😉

    Great news on the visit to the Black Purl! Isn’t the owner great! Her designs are awesome! I love that shop too! I can’t wait to see your progress on the Patrick sweater! I’m loving the pattern!
    I have a few gift certificates for that shop from Christmas.. need to go up there and use them! Maybe I’ll give you a ring either on the way there or back so we can get in some knitting time together in.. 😉 I will call first.. it’s looking like a few weeks away.

    Have a great rest of your week!

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