Back in the saddle

I’m finding out the hard way that if I fall off the blogging wagon, I just lie there on the dusty trail for a long time. So today it’s time to get back onto my horse (as it were) and ride.

Mom had a good visit, helped me out a ton, and is probably landing in Columbus right now. Wait until she unpacks and finds her Patons Astra, plus a pair of bamboo single-points and three books on how to knit! (You’re welcome, Mom!)

I just spent about half an hour trying to rake up more of the thatch from the front yard. I quit when I got a sharp pain in my lower back. But I filled one contractor bag with leaves and I really need to do this so we can seed and feed the yard and make the house look much better from the street.

JC is back at school. When I came back from the airport with Colleen I was momentarily surprised that only Tom and Jack were hanging out with Mr. Beth, who took today off. Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m the one who dropped him off at school. It’s been a loooong spring break, folks.

I have been trying to check in every day and find out how Represent! went for Steph. It sounds like it was really wonderful and I have been carrying my copy of Knitting Rules! around with me to give some sort of support. Or get some sort of support, I’m not sure which. I called the bookstore on Wednesday to see if the new book was in yet, and they said, “Well, did we call you to tell you it was in?” Well, no… “We’ll call you.” Muggles. They mean well, but they don’t understand yet.

I have been getting e-mails from those of you who want to sign up for a stash swap. I’ll post the list of names tomorrow. Lauren wanted to know what quantities we were talking about here. I would think we should keep the dye lots together and do the best we can to trade even amounts by quantity. I think we can agree that if you want five skeins of alpaca you should offer about five skeins total of something (or somethings) else. So when you make your lists of what you have available, indicate how many skeins are in the group.

I’ll post my list tonight so you can have a better idea of what I mean, and if you have suggestions on a better way to do it, please speak up! This should be a simple, clear swap, not something that gets bogged down in detail.

I’ll also post progress pictures tonight too, so you’ll get something to look at. Mr. Beth has promised to drive us around at lunchtime today so I can get some knitting time, and I’m hoping to make it to Skein Four for the Moebius.

Oh, and Lisa? I finished Dirk Gently. I’m going to make copies of the relevant pages (Richard’s article, and where Richard discusses his article, and the section about Anthem) so I can keep this in my head.

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  1. I now have Knitting Rules! Just got it.. so haven’t been able to read it… will check through it shortly… can’t wait!
    I have a standing list of knitting books that I want too! Soon.. soon I’ll have them ALL!!! Muwhahahahahhahahaa!!!

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