I have a plan

If you’re struggling with Knit From Your Stash or would just like a change of scenery in your woolly landscape, I am developing a plan for a sort of round-robin stash swap.

There is time for you to go through what you have and figure out exactly what you’re willing to part with. Go ahead and make a list of what it is, and how much you have (by weight and length).

Here’s the draft of the plan; if you have suggestions for how to improve it, please fire away.

1. Please send me an e-mail (this happens when you post a comment) telling me you want to participate in a stash swap. I’ll reply by e-mail and you can send me your mailing address off-blog.

2. On a designated day, I will post what I’m willing to swap. The first person who claims a yarn group from me will be the next person who offers swap yarn at their blog.

3. If you have received yarn, you’re done for the swap. Feel free to comment and encourage, but you must sit out on yarn-claiming.

4. I’ll get to pick my swap yarn from the last person in the circle.

5. If everyone wants to do a second round, we can!

6. I want to shoot for April 1 as the mailing day, so we can all be eagerly anticipating our yarn at the same time.

Comments? Bring them on! Let’s make this fun.

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