Yarn-store goodness

Okay…finally now the story can be told. (I’d better type quickly; I’m already pushing my luck that someone won’t wake up and need me any second.)

After spending all Monday sorting and washing clothes, we decided to just go for a drive yesterday. Get out of the house, get the kids to nap, all that stuff. The only bad part was that since I’d be driving, there would be no knitting time for me. The good part was that my ulterior motive was to head towards Appleton and see if I could find a yarn store. Last year, Mr. Beth and I tried to track down a couple with no success.

Well, our drive took us all over the place. I had a map on hand to help me get home, and it was starting to look as if I’d need it when I saw a sign that indicated I was less than ten miles from Appleton. Ta-dah! I turned onto 96 and headed east. Passed up the Fox Valley Mall, passed 41, kept going and going. The neighborhood got more and more industrial and manly for a while, then I spotted, of all things, a chocolatier’s shop.

I figured a yarn shop couldn’t be far, but I was really startled when I was right. The yarn radar was functioning perfectly! I had to drive east for a while more before I found a good place to turn around, but then there it was — Iris Fine Yarns.

The shop was beautiful and freshly inventoried (as of the night before!), and everyone was so friendly. I got a complete tour (and enough “alone time” to be able to drool all over everything), then ran into Ann K. in the book and magazine room. I don’t know how we figured out that we were both bloggers and Harloteers, but pretty soon we were old friends and she was hauling project after project out of her gorgeous knitting bag (that she made herself; she sells them) to show me.

(How do you know when you’ve spent a little too much time in the knitblogosphere? When someone shows you a half-finished sock still on the needles and you correctly identify it as a Blue Moon Sock Club pattern in the Monsoon colorway because you recognize the color pooling.)

I had an awesome time and felt just a little guilty that my children and my mother were down the block, sitting in the minivan. And I bought this and these.

Do I have any pictures of the outside or inside of the store? Or of Ann or her wonderful projects? Of course not. Why not? Because I had my digital camera in the inside pocket of my coat the whole time. I’m a freakin’ genius.

The needles are wonderful wonderful wonderful. I sat at home last night wondering how much of the Irish Hiking Scarf I could get done, then succumbed and started on a new something instead:

Mystery project

God, I love these needles. They are wonderful and worth every penny.

And for Michele, here’s a picture of my stash. After I took it I realized I left out three skeins of Red Heart blue camo yarn (and one skein that doesn’t match the dye lot — don’t know what I’ll do with that, since the rest is for a hoodie pullover for Jack). Michele, see anything you want to swap for? (Don’t look in the blue bin on the left, those are my keepers.)

Stash, 3/21/07

Good night, good night, good night — I’ll try to post some Actual Knitting tomorrow.

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  1. I live 5 minutes from Appleton. I have been meaning to get to that there yarn store, but my social phobia and has easily stopped me. (Seriously, getting me to go into a building I have never been in before with people I do not know inside by myself is considered a small miracle!) Now that I know one does not spontaniously combust upon entering the place and that they seem very friendly, I shall indeed venture in. Thanks for the report! ☺

  2. Mmmm, yummy needles! Any reason they are chocolate colored? I’m currently eyeing the two green skeins in the middle, the multicolored blue one just below them, and the yarn in the baggie just above your blue bin. 🙂 I just posted my stash photos for you on my blog as well. Let the trading begin! 😀

  3. I have those needles! They are my very favorite; I wish I could afford to have them in all sizes. I hear now they come in circulars as well. If I won the lotto, I would buy them all, and a set for youas well!

    So are we starting a stash exchange? Fill me in.

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