Tea time!

It’s snowing. Mom is on her first flight of two as I type this, and will probably be on her second flight as I post this, and it is snowing. Go figure.

But it’s tea time! Here, have some Irish Soda Bread:Irish Soda Bread

But make sure you are properly dressed for tea:

JC, dressed for tea

James would also like to show you his improvised tie tack, since I wasn’t able to knit the loop on the back of the tie (as he requested! This kid is great!). It’s a Norton motorcycle pin.

JC shows off tie tack

And for those of you who want to know the whole story (you know who you are, and I think I do, too), I didn’t finish it at the library. Colleen discovered that I actually planned to leave the house after the babysitter arrived. Half an hour after “Rosalyn” arrived, since I was still frosting my shamrock sugar cookies and baking a pizza for dinner and doing other assorted things. Colleen burst into tears. She clung to me, staged a sit-in, attempted to bargain, explained why she should go to the knitting meeting too. All to no avail. It was rough, but I picked up my “used to work in day care” self and left, promising to return. As I drove to the library her crying face was pressed against the living room window, watching me leave.

Rosalyn said she cried for five minutes and was perfectly fine (after an attempt to put on her coat and follow me).

I searched the library for the best place to sit and knit. I wanted to be visible and do my best to Represent! but ended up downstairs in the children’s area. They have the best chairs. They also had a friendly librarian with a yardstick, who helped me measure the tie-so-far. To keep things simple, I put a few stitch marker rings on a paper clip, attached it to a live stitch, and worked 12 inches from there. We both agreed that the length (I had brought the shirt with me) would be perfect. I knitted happily away until the children’s department closed, then stationed myself in front of checkout and knitted some more. I got enough done that I knew I could finish it at home.

Which I did (thanks, Pierce!). Here is the evidence, although the time stamp is incorrect. Add one hour, please.

Tie done, 3/15/07

Time to start my Represent! hat and resume work on the IHS, the Moebius, and the little-seen SKP. Thank you for your support. (If you are of a certain age, doesn’t that make you want a wine cooler?)

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  1. The amount of stuff you accomplish is amazing. You must be very efficient, unlike me.

    The tie looks great; the son looks even better. Awesome job!

  2. A total tie-umph!

    Um, yup, it makes me *think* of a wine cooler (and of the two charming old characters who pitched it) – but WANT one…? Um, couldn’t I have a champagne cocktail instead? or no, a shot of iced vodka? Yeah, and make it a double. Thanks.

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