Insert tie joke here

“It’s a tie,” “All tied up,” whatever you like. Ha, ha, ha.
Here’s the tie at 8am this morning:
Tie, 8am Thursday

Here it is at just before lunchtime:

Tie, 31 inches

I still have to make the shamrock cookies this afternoon for tomorrow’s tea party. The dough is resting in the fridge, but the Little Miss Perfectionist inside me doesn’t like my plastic four-leaf-clover cookie cutter (see the picture of the birthday cake, below) and needs to run to the hardware store to get their last shamrock cutter. (Yes, the hardware store. I called many many places this morning, and this is the place that has one. Just one. Wal-Mart probably has fifty of them but I am so not going to look.) Then, after school, the kids and I get to roll, cut, bake, and decorate. Pray for me!

So this means The Rosalyn Plan is in effect for the completion of the neckwear. The babysitter will be arriving at about 6, and I will take my knitting to the library for two child-free hours, and knit the rest of this wretched charming tie. And while I will take pictures of my eldest son in his striking handknit tie, I won’t get to post them for a while. Right after I drop him at school tomorrow, I need to hightail it to the airport and pick up my mother, who will be with us for ten glorious days. We are proceeding immediately (well, after a McDonald’s run) to my favorite quilt store to pick up the backing for the T-shirt quilt. Then grocery shopping, then home, then to pick up James from school, after which there is an ice skating party I’m going to with him. This time, I get to skate; at last year’s party I was seven months pregnant. Now I have taken skating lessons and am ready.

If you can find some posting time in that schedule, let me know! But I will try.

And no, Rosalyn isn’t the babysitter’s real name. But it’s the name of the babysitter from one of the best comic strips ever written, and I thought it would make a suitable alias for any babysitter I ever hire for the rest of my life.

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  1. Ha. *I* knew what “The Rosalyn Plan” meant the instant I saw it. Just make sure none of those kids knows Charles’s phone number.

    Tie looking great. (I was just thinking I hadn’t heard anything about it in a suspiciously long time – and then it hit me that Google Reader’d been down and so I wasn’t getting your feed for a few days. I’m a little slow, sometimes….) Moving on to see the FO!

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