First off, the birthday party went pretty well. JC was actually surprised that two of his friends came over. That was enough to put him over the top. They both brought presents, everyone loved the cake, they even liked the little cardboard containers I put their popcorn in.

Here’s the cake. It’s a Hershey’s chocolate cake from the recipe on the cocoa box, with generic buttercream frosting with one part yellow food dye and one part blue food dye. Unfortunately, the blue was a pastel, so I didn’t really get the green I was hoping for.

Birthday cake (James, 8)

The green in the picture is actually nicer than it really looked. The shade of green it really was, was the shade you would have picked for a cake for someone enlisting in the Army. Just sayin’. A little too close to lima-bean green, but since I didn’t want to spend all afternoon adjusting the color of frosting, I just spread it on the sucker.

James happily announced the cake to his friends thusly:

“My mom made a green cake! But don’t worry, it’s not poison!”

They were suitably wary at first, but being brave Wolf Scouts they soldiered on and eventually had seconds. And gave compliments, bless their hearts. Then I made popcorn and in a stroke of genius put theirs in the little cardboard popcorn containers that came with the popper when we bought it for Father’s Day. They were flabbergasted. Wow, it was just like the movies. (They didn’t actually say that.)

Speaking of which, here is the Transformers movie from 1986 that they watched a little bit of, when they weren’t running up and down stairs playing spies.

Transformers movie

Right then, they were playing spies.

Two hours of two extra boys was just enough! Both parents dropped the boys and ran, but really everyone acted their age, which was fine.

I was kind of itching to get started on a command performance knitting project. Here is what I have so far:
Tie, 9 inches

The reason it’s being moved to the top of the list is that JC’s second grade class is studying Britain and Ireland right now, and they’re having High Tea on Friday. All the girls and boys are encouraged to dress up a notch or two. I picked up the shirt at Target, but since they didn’t have any little-boy young-man ties and I didn’t have any money anyway, voila! I’m trying to make it a little wider than my “I Love the 80s” sensibilities want it to be, but I think it’s a little too wide. (Yes, I’m going to narrow it after about 12 inches.) I just don’t know how wide the eight-year-olds are wearing their ties these days.

Mr. Beth says the length should be 2 times the neck to waist measurement, plus the neck around, plus 1-2 inches for the knot. Sound about right? (Lisa, please limit yourself to the executive summary.)

So that’s what I started working on after I finally got Jack to sleep at almost 10:30. That, and the 6th episode of Remington Steele, plus a little featurette about Season One that they snuck onto that disc. Why, since it was only halfway through the season? Because that disc had room on it, I guess.

Since even JC doesn’t think I’ll get it done in time for Tea, I’d better get back to work!

2pm update:

Tie, 15 inches

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  1. Ah ain’t neva made no ties, Miz’ Scarlett, but that sounds pretty good to me. You might be able to get away with a touch shorter, because even if the wide end is long enough to tuck into the belt, the narrow end is usually short enough to hide behind it, by several inches. Especially if you make a loop in the back to tuck it into. (OTOH I have a feeling a four-in-hand knot will take up a little more than 1-2 inches. So I’m sure it’ll all even out in the end and be just fine. I’ll shut up now.)

  2. Once my father put green food coloring in my cereal milk for St Patrick’s Day (maybe I should save this from saturday’s blog but oh well) and I couldn’t eat that cereal. He was crushed; I was grossed out. So even though I am sure that cake was delicious, I don’t think I could manage to eat it. Veggies green, good; icing and milk green, bad. So it doubly cracks me up that JC assured everyone it wasn’t poison.

    BTW, I am very impressed that you are knitting your son a tie. I want to see a photo of him all dressed up in shirt and hand knitted tie! I’m sure he’ll be very handsome.

  3. I like the cake.
    I love the Transformers.
    Guess what! I’m starting a KAL! YAY!

  4. Hey, I just thought of something else. I’ll try to keep it brief – and maybe you should, too. That is, you’ve cleverly concealed the yarn label, so I don’t know what you’re making the tie out of. But bear in mind that garter stitch will stretch out some, especially if it’s done in something like cotton. Knitted ties always stretch. In fact – you might want to try wet-blocking a few inches of the leading end to get a sense of how MUCH it will stretch.

    Lauren’s comment reminds me of a guy we once knew who made wonderful home-made ice cream (this was lo-o-o-o-ong ago, kiddies, when such behavior was not common), but often you had to eat it with your eyes closed because he’d make absolutely delicious strawberry ice cream and then color it green, and if you looked at it first you just couldn’t stand to put it in your mouth, even though you knew perfectly well how yummy it was.

    I too should probably save this for Saturday’s blog – but I have another little green treat planned for then….

  5. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft, a worsted weight (gasp!) acrylic that probably doesn’t need blocking. Still, I promise to leave a little stretch room for the stitch.

    JC saw it after school and still likes it. So tonight, Pierce and I shall press on!

  6. Go! Go! Go!

    Just cheerin’ ya on! I’m sure you will cruise right through now!

  7. Love the cake! And sounds like a perfect 8 year old party. The tie looks good too 🙂

    Hope you get some more time with Remington. I got all the episodes one after the other from Netflix. Just as good as I remember from my teen years!

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