This may confirm all rumors of my insanity, but I’m hosting a small surprise party for JC, who turns eight today. Because we weren’t able to hold a big blow-out type party for him this year (birthdays in this area are usually big communal deals involving renting a bowling alley, and providing tons of food and goody bags), we declared this to be Birthday Week and are trying to do something special for JC each day.

Sunday’s special thing from me was that I stacked his seven peanut butter crackers into a tower at his snack time, so that should give you an idea of the scale of things. But Dad went and got him the DVD of the original 1986 Transformers movie, so I arranged for a couple of scouts from his den to drop by and watch it with him this afternoon, with popcorn and birthday cake.

Yep. Insane. Although “a couple of Wolf Cubs” should rate pretty low on the trouble scale.

So we blew up eight blue balloons, hung up a “happy birthday” banner, have the cake in the oven, and I did actually buy him a birthday present. (No, it’s not yarn.) We’d better be careful from now on, as this kicks off the Birthday Season at our house — one birthday a month through July. And Colleen is old enough to remember the last birthday we celebrated, so by the time her birthday comes around again (December), she’ll want do to everything that everyone else already did. (That. All of it.)

So shhh! Don’t breathe a word!

Knitwise, I did one repeat of the Irish Hiking Scarf last night. Guess which row I had to tink back because of some bizarro goof at the end of the previous row? Yes, row 8, the one where you cross the cables. I am sure I twisted a couple of purl stitches while I was going backwards, but I am equally sure that it’s not worth the effort to hunt them down and try to redo them. No picture. It’s just five repeats.

Tinking back the IHS sucked out all the time I would have had to do some Moebius.

And when I put the baby to bed I forgot to grab Pierce, so phooey. I knit away listening to the kind of 1970s singer/songwriter stuff that drives Mr. Beth nuts. But I know all the words, so what the hell. It keeps me happy. But I am going to find Mr. Brosnan right now and put him where I can find him.

Flylady update: yesterday I cleaned my stove vent filter, got rid of the cobwebs in the kitchen, washed the kitchen curtains, and cleaned off the ceiling fan blades in the kitchen. (Ewwwww!) It made me almost feel like I could have Scouts (and their moms) over to the house. Except that on the curtains — WTF? — the bottom row of stitches for the curtain rod casing fell out of each curtain. Just the bottom row. But on each curtain. I’m still trying to figure out whether I should try to fix this before this afternoon (machine or hand sew?) or just pretend I don’t have curtains in my kitchen.

Time to go to the Harlot’s and see what Joe thinks of the bedroom makeover!

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  1. Cool idea for a birthday week! I got tired of the constant huge blow outs, so we are going to start having a Halloween party instead (2 kids birthdays in Oct). Then on their actual birthday, they pick the cake design and the dinner for that night. Anything goes! But it seems that pizza is a common theme for dinners 😉

    Happy Birthday to JC!

  2. Having just given a birthday party for my twin boys (of course, they are 13, not 8) I can testify that any group of mostly boys is never rated low on the trouble scale. It’s a fact of life. Stash beer for yourself in cubbies throughout the house. That should be the number one flylady rule. Ceiling fans, schmeiling fans. Think of your sanity, woman.

    Oh, and a very happy birthday to JC!

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