All thumbs

Well, I’ve figured out what has caused the damage to my hands. It all became clear to be when Jack climbed the baby gate yesterday and I once again picked him up, lifted him high, and set him down. That’s it. Almost forty pounds of wriggling stress, right on those two thumbs. Every time he’s at the gate or going in or out of a car seat. He’s not trustworthy for walking beside me, so I carry him more than I should.

Ironically, after abandoning it for the last couple of days, knitting turns out to be one of the things I can do without pain. So today I’m working on the Moebius scarf. It would be nice to have it done before spring technically starts. Plus, it’s just about the simplest pattern I’m working right now. It’s up to 40-1/2 inches as of this morning.

In the meantime, I signed up with Flylady and am making progress on myself and my house. I have this lady to thank for complaining about Flylady on her blog or I never would have heard about the system in the first place. So thanks, Michele! I have started taking the baby steps (it’s Day Two). Any other FLYers out there? How is it working for you?



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  1. Glad Flylady works for you, I know many people who have used her methods. And what an adorable photo! 🙂

  2. I don’t FLY, though I must say I probably should, and her site looks way tempting. I am, however, something of an expert on RSI from way way back before it became fashionable (back when pianists were keeping it a shameful secret, unlike computer users who felt free to blazon it all over the web and the world because for them it carried no stigma). So if you ever find it’s your knitting, rather than your kidling, making your hands hurt – drop me a line. Seriously.

  3. What is a flylady and how have I missed a woman who can apparently levitate? Hmmmm.

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and I find knitting helps rather than hinders my hands. Glad your thumbs feel better or at the least you can eat chocolate and knit once again.

  4. Oh Oh Oh – I heart flylady. As with anything, you take what you want and leave the rest. I have to confess – I flew brilliantly for years and my house was fabulous – well – clean enough for company anyway! I have fallen off the flywagon the last couple years, but I have the tools and use them often – and I really really need to get into the system. Maybe I should jump back in with you as you jump in.

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