I didn’t knit last night because my right thumb was too sore and I didn’t want to aggravate it. Unfortunately, it’s still too sore this morning. I don’t think it’s the knitting. I knit in an odd, self-taught way and it seems to be left-handed from what I can tell. Wendy seems to knit in a similar way but she is much, much faster.

What I think is causing the problem is picking up my 36 pound two-year-old (okay, he’s almost three). It’s very similar to how I injured my left hand when carrying my daughter when she was a nursling. You know, oh, she’s so tiny I can hold her right here on my arm? And then your thumb gets all hyperextended and you have to have physical therapy and cortisone injections and wear a brace and all? Ask me how I know.

I don’t want to go through that again! I don’t think I have a wrist brace to fit my right hand, so I’ll just have to remember to keep my thumb closer to my hand, not carry Jack so much, and maybe just try to keep my hands warmer and more lotioned up. (Ironically, wrist warmers would probably be a big help, but I don’t see myself knitting some anytime soon.)

So, here’s what I’m currently not working on:Irish Hiking Scarf, 2 repeats in.

And this:

Lego scarf, phase 1

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