Thwarted again

I didn’t get any knitting at all done last night. I had a Clever Plan for getting the kids to bed on time, but Jack took me down with him and when I finally got back downstairs it was ten o’clock and I realized all the project bags were in my bedroom with the sleeping baby.

So I let out the dogs, let them in again, and surrendered to sleep. Now we’re T minus 30 for loading up and going to the dentist. I’m hoping to take some progress shots between then and the end of the school day, since tonight is a den meeting during which the rest of us are going to the library. (Mosaic Knitting, anyone?) So there’s not a lot of knitting potential today either (can I blame this one on Mercury being in retrograde, too?).

For a visual I am posting the picture of the food goodies Mr. Beth brought back from Hawaii. Dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts, dried papaya chunks, and honey roasted cashews. There were no survivors.

Hawai’ian food goodies

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  1. MMMMMM I didn’t even KNOW they made those in dark chocolate! My parents always brought back the milk chocolate. Nothing like a macadamia nut 🙂

  2. I don’t know how you ever manage to get in the shower, much less knit anything with four young children. Did you have the kids each eat a chocolate macadamia nut before heading to the dentist? That would truly make an impression!

  3. I *think* you’re just under the wire. Blame Mercury while you can, because I believe it leaves retrograde after today.

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