You’re not the boss of me!

Last night, even as I was looking forward to stalking Herrschners again for the needles I need for the sweater project, I heard the little voice of the yarn. Or perhaps the pattern book, since I’ve knitted with this yarn before and I didn’t remember it being so insolent.

It was snickering at me. It was saying, “I can make you do anything I want. I can make you go to the yarn store two days in a row. I can make you buy four new sets of bamboo needles to start a sweater in March that doesn’t even need to get done until next Christmas. Yeah, I can even make you think you need them right this instant. And while you’re there, just you try not to reward yourself with sock yarn for your troubles!”

So I did some thinking, while the little snarky voice went on and on about my weaknesses and temptations. I remembered that I needed to practice my mosaic knitting for the color section of the sweater, and so needed to check out Barbara Walker’s book from the library again.

I remembered that I had also sketched out a matching scarf. Where I could practice the mosaic a couple of times before The Big Time. I also remembered that it had an inch of garter stitch at each end before the mosaic band started, and that it wasn’t dependent on being the same gauge as the sweater. Not at all. 🙂

So I got some silver single points out, and knitted up to the first mosaic band. I’ll get the Walker book out again today (please tell me someone else has not checked this out!), practice the mosaic on some scrap, then try knitting it on the scarf for real.

And then, since I now had acres of knitting time opening up, I popped in the next Season One episode of Remington Steele and started the Irish Hiking Scarf. And did two repeats of the pattern before dragging myself off to bed. I love love love this pattern and found myself sticking to it without having to look at the pattern card all the time. (Note to husband: the yarn you picked is perfect, sweetie!) I was going to make the IHS another secret project, but I’m enjoying it so much that I want to share.

I also had time to discover that I didn’t at all like the little cable needle I’d bought lo those many months ago for this very project. On the second repeat I used a bamboo dpn, size 7 (say, could that be from the set I bought for the SWEATER?!?), and enjoyed the process much better.

So, I bossed my projects around, if not my knitting, got to watch Pierce Brosnan for an hour, got to be jealous of Stephanie Zimbalist’s hair, and got work done on two nice scarves.

Today we’re still waiting for the library to open, so there’s time for a little more knitting on the Moebius after I finish my double dark chocolate “coffee.” I’ll take and post pictures tonight when I have more progress. Cheers!

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  1. For someone with four kids and big dreams, you sure get a lot of knitting done. You are definitely the boss of it! After following your doings for a while now, I am sure you will accomplish anything, and I mean anything, you set your mind to do!

  2. Ummm, double dark chocolate coffee. Sounds too good, and I’m off coffee completely now. Even decaf.

    Your projects and self control all sound great.

    Good luck with it all,

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