Good thing I got the yarn on sale

Okay. Here’s the first swatch for the upside-downer sweater, on size 7 needles:

Upside-downer swatch, size 7

With the size 7s I got about 18 stitches to 4 inches. I’m shooting for 20, so I thought, hey, the pattern calls for size 5s too. I’ll swatch up on the 5s and maybe I can just use 5s and 3s instead of 7s and 5s.

So, here’s the second swatch. Notice how much narrower it is than the first one. 😉Upside-downer swatch, size 5

And what did I get? 21-1/2 stitches over 4 inches.

What sizes of circulars don’t I have? 6s and 4s.

What sizes of double-points don’t I have? 6s and 4s.

But apparently I will. Tomorrow. At approximately 9:01 a.m.

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  1. I finally bit the bullet and got 12 prs of bamboo DPNs and a set of BOYE interchangables off of eBay… At least i didn’t spend as much as i knew i COULD HAVE for the sets… and even though i prefer to use wood or bamboo to steel, it’s more practical for the variety of things i knit.

  2. Gotta love a new reason to go to the yarn store!

  3. I too am having swatching issues. It must be something in the water. Good luck with the sweater and any excuse to go to the yarn store is a good one in my book.

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