Halfway to infinity

I have passed the halfway mark on the Moebius. I know this because I have used up slightly more than half the yarn allotted for the project. It will be a neat trick when I weave the ends together to create an endless surface. The best part is that the join I just did will look like the weaving site, distracting the eye from the actual weaving. Moebius, halfwayI joined the balls of yarn by untwisting each end and retwisting them together, then by wetting and smoothing them. It looked fine until I knit up to that point, then they started to get a little unraveled. When I got to the integral I-cord part I made a mistake somewhere, ending up with an extra stitch on the needles that I had to get rid of. Which I did. But still, it’s a little sloppy and I don’t know if it’s the kind of thing that will disappear after the scarf has been worn for a while, or will obviously need to be fixed. It could also be the kind of error the programmer always notices and the user never does, so I’m trying not to think about it right now. Ugh, only one more join left. We’ll see if I can do a better job on that one.

Meanwhile, I will be frogging the WSS and reknitting the yarn into a felted bowl. If you have a good pattern for this or can point me to one, please do! It’s like using evil powers for good to turn this stuff into something soft.

WSS hanging

I think it saw me coming. You can run but you can’t hide, Scratchy Sock!

WSS, mid-frogging

Needles out! At the left you can see the live stitches “just lying there and waiting to be picked up,” as Elizabeth Zimmermann would say. And at the right you can see the mysterious calf shaping that occurred unintentionally on this sock. As I frogged it I discovered how I did it: not knowing what I was doing, I changed direction a few times when I picked up the project. Short rows!

WSS, frogging

Doesn’t the yarn in the middle of the frogging process look cute? Wouldn’t it be neat if curly Icelandic wool came from curly-haired Icelandic sheep? Undo enough 3×3 rib and you can create your own Kerry Blue Terrier.

And…yes, I know I already have a Secret Knitting Project on the needles (somewhere), but I’ve decided to start my first sweater. I already had all the yarn, and now I have the needles, too. I hope to cast on tonight after school conferences.

Mr. Beth is traveling again almost all week, this time to the East Coast. Prayers for safe travel are always appreciated! I miss my best friend.

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  1. I get but still do not completely understand the whole Moebius thing. This is why I have never knitted one. I’d be wearing it and constantly pulling it round and round my neck trying to get those last synapses to fire. I’d have to take a valium just to put it on. Life is confusing enough.

    But yours looks great!

    Oh, and if you can figure out how to knit a Kerry Blue Terrier, let me know. I think it’s a great idea.

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