Cheesehead in paradise

Since you might be wondering how many inches of rain, snow, sleet, and/or hail I have gotten so far, here’s the photo to lead off:

March 1

The answer to your question is: about an inch of snow. This shows the driveway after my little Wolf Scout happily shoveled it for me. And how was he able to do that for me, you ask? Well, every school in the area is closed today because of The Storm. The one that’s supposed to start this afternoon and bring 6-12 inches of snow after the freezing rain part. I am not against people closing schools due to weather concerns. As a SAHM it actually makes my day easier, as I don’t have to buckle four kids in the van to go drop off at the school, and three to pick up. And based on the information they had last night and this morning, they made the right decision to not risk running the buses.

However, it’s now 2pm and it looks like they could have squeezed a day of learning out of this one. The superintendent is probably egging the weatherman’s house about now. Well, at least my driveway got shoveled.

In other news, after waiting and waiting to do another last-minute errand run before Mr. Beth’s flight took off, I simply couldn’t wait for the magic words “in flight” at any more, and rushed out the door, still logged in.

When I got back, the flight still hadn’t taken off. And Flightview posted those dreadful words: Call Airline. And just after I hung up with them ( “The flight is scheduled to depart at ten a.m.” ), Mr. Beth called on his cell phone and told me that he would have to rebook, since there was no way any of them could make their connection at LAX now.

He’s rebooked on the next direct flight to O’Hare….arriving in Chicago at 5am. He called me again later, this time from the airport lounge. Rough life. I actually heard him say in an aside, thank you, to someone bringing him a drink.

Not that our life is very bad either. We’ve got plenty of popcorn now, the kids had McD for lunch, I had pad Thai (with enough left over to be my dinner), and I picked up the spring issue of Interweave Knits. The Polar Express is playing on the DVD, and I have plenty of yarn left.

And ten nine eight bottles of Point Amber. 🙂 Knit on!

7pm update: We got the snow all right, but it didn’t start until right after the school’s last bell. Go figure. Anyway, it’s been snowing and blowing and drifted but this part is over for now. I just looked at the regional radar and where I live looks like the eye of a disorganized hurricane. So I can see where the next round of snow (or freezing rain) will be coming from, but it won’t happen until overnight. We already know there won’t be school tomorrow (teacher inservice day), so Scout will help me measure the driveway snow for tomorrow morning’s picture.

In the meantime, I really really really want to knit something tonight. Last night I tried to start something quick just so I could finish it, but I needed to swatch to make sure I was getting the right gauge. I had to hunt all over for needles that were about the right size that weren’t already in use. Then I knit and knit and knit for a very short swatch. Found out I need to be using a smaller set, which is, guess what, already in use. So I guess I’d better finish something I already started. Rats. I appeased myself by rewinding the skein into a centerpull ball, since the yarn was splitting with every other stitch and I think I was just coming at it from the wrong direction. I don’t have an umbrella skein or a ball winder, so I’ll leave you to ponder just how I did it.

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  1. Enjoy the day off! Our local schools don’t close unless there is a combined snow storm, Tsunmai warning and a flood alert. Even though all the neighboring cities close at the mere mention of a snowflake. Sigh.

  2. Thought you might enjoy this blog:

  3. Thanks, I really should look into that one.

    Here’s one for people doing the knitalongs everyone else seems to have done already:

  4. If you are brilliant – you used a lamp shade for unwinding.

    If you are like me you used a combination of hands, feet, knees, and 4 letter words. I wish I had a ball winder too, but I end up using the handle of my whisk to wind yarn for center-pull balls. What about you?

    I look forward to the pics. All we got was a ton of sleet and just enough ice to make me fall on my arse this morning on the way out the door.

  5. Get yourself a swift and ball winder woman! Before I had them, and when I could not indenture any servants into action (read children or husband), I used to sit on the bed with my legs slightly bent, wrap the skein around my feet and wind from them. It felt a little yoga-pilates-like (am I strengthening my core here?) and at least I stretched my hamstrings a bit (not that it helped my flabby thighs.)
    I can’t wait to see the new snow. 7654321?

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