Hey, I found the fire hydrant!

I shoveled the new four inches of snow out of the driveway this morning before school. The kids took a look at the piles of snow I’ve been tossing to the side and said, “Hey, thanks for building us such a great snow fort.”

After the school run I left the little ones in the warm car while I shoveled the sidewalks by hand. I also shoveled out the fire hydrant, taking seriously my responsibility to the neighborhood that we have an accessible hydrant. (When I was driving home from errands later, I didn’t see another hydrant on our block. Maybe mine will serve as an inspiration to others. I even dusted it off, poor little guy.)

found my fire hydrant

Then my neighbor told me we’re getting another foot of snow on Thursday, and tried to help me get my broken snowthrower started. That involved a run to the car parts store for a new spark plug, and, eventually, hauling the snowthrower to the local small-engine repair fellow. Who fixed it like lightning, meaning I had to drag the kids out for another stinking errand got to pick it up in the afternoon.

Here is a lady ignoring all the hard work we’ve done and walking to University in the street. Okay, there aren’t any sidewalks right there, but this is what people do. Makes you wonder why we bother shoveling at all.


In between, I shipped off the chemo caps to Boston, paid the bills, submitted my freelance article to my editor, chatted online with her about potty training for a while, bought myself some new needles (bamboo circs, size 9, and Boye aluminum single-points, size 8 and RED), let the three bigger kids actually play in the snow, took pictures of said children, knit two rows and three stitches on the Moebius, and had a general collapse. Not in that order. Oh yes, I forgot, got some beer. New Glarus Spotted Cow, for whoever is playing along at home. Maybe it will ease the back pain from the shoveling.

Wall of icicles

And wondered if Mea has had her baby yet….

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  1. The Spotted Cow is a favorite amongst my nephews. Too bad I don’t like beer to play along – haha. Now, if we were drinking the hard stuff, yee haw!

    Glad you got your snowblower fixed.

    I’d like to see pictures of kids knitting with icicles – haha!

  2. forgive all the “haha’s” I haven’t had my coffee to restrain from crazy typing yet this morning!

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