Hey, I found my driveway!

Okay, okay, so we have weather now. I’m satisfied.

Here is my driveway before I spent 50 minutes shoveling it:


Trust me, there’s a driveway under there somewhere. Oh wait, here it is!


I’m not planning to go anywhere, of course. This was done mostly for the principle of the thing. What if one of my precious children fell ill, or was injured, and had to be rushed to the emergency room lo those six blocks away, and I had to say, stop the bleeding yourself, I need to shovel us out and I don’t know how long it will take. So now we’re ready for disaster, an emergency trip for supplies, a forced nap in the van, or just to be able to head out for school tomorrow.

Nothing but net

I can’t see any reason why school would be closed. I mean that sincerely. They have snowplowing equipment here I never dreamed of even after 32 years in Ohio (where there used to be snow, when I was a kid. Uphill both ways and all that). I wish I could get a picture of one of these babies. Think of everything in Bob the Builder’s garage all hooked together. Six-foor tractor tires, an enormous bucket on the front, and a frame that could straddle a Humvee. But they made their runs this morning, got the roads scraped off perfectly, and went back to the garage. I’ll see if I can get a picture of one during the next blizzard.

Mr. Beth’s plane took off a few minutes early today. He should be landing in Honolulu about the time I am tucking the kids in bed.

And maybe I’ll get some more knitting done, too. I won’t take any more pictures of the Moebius because, well, it’s kind of dull. But it does measure 19-1/2 inches long now. I’m getting 16-1/2 inches per 40g ball of Kashmir, which puts the length of the finished item at about 62 inches, right where I want it to be. But it won’t be interesting to look at until it’s full length and I give it the half twist and start weaving it up. A good subject of a step by step photo essay.

Chemo Four is coming along, though it looks like it would make a better arm warmer than a hat. I am tempted to turn it into a pair of arm warmers but I have not idea who they would appeal to. Maybe when I get to the six-inch mark, where I am supposed to start hat decreases, I will take a picture and put it up for a vote. But if it won’t fit on my nine-month-old at that point, the direction should be clear. Arm warmers, free to the first caller. They will be far too funky for anyone who lives in this house, I can tell you that for sure.

I earned my chocolate today! Here is the empty bag and the last two pieces, which I ate right after taking the picture. No, I did not eat the whole bag today.

Nestle Crunch Dark Miniatures

Stay warm!

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  1. Eat lots of chocolate for me– i’m living vicariously through you as i gave up candy for Lent.


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