If he makes it to Hawaii

So…..just after the unseasonably warm temperatures (in the 40s in February for the north central of Wisconsin, people!) had melted almost all our snow, and a month after the last fresh snow, it started again. Deceptively fine flakes that started about 11pm, thickened up later, and just kept coming. During all of which Mr. Beth was driving from Fort Atkinson to Milwaukee (to pick up his aunt) to Rhinelander (to drop off his aunt) to Point.

I will have before-and-after pictures later, since Mr. Beth and Scout are at the Pinewood Derby with the camera. But we ended up with several inches of snow to shovel before Mr. Beth needs to, guess what, pack and drive down to Milwaukee, then to Chicago to stay overnight and make sure he doesn’t miss his 10:00 flight to Hawaii on Sunday morning. Yes, Hawaii in the last week of February to attend a trade show. Or conference. Or something work-related. I don’t remember. I do recall sending him a list of all the yarn shops in Hawaii about 3.5 seconds after he told me where he’d be going. And yes, I understand he’s not going there to surf or lie around on the beach, and he’ll probably spend most of his time inside a windowless convention center.


Since I’m not going to Hawaii anytime soon, he’d better bring back something.

If he indeed makes it to Hawaii. Because Milwaukee is under a winter storm watch that they are thinking of upgrading to a blizzard watch tonight. Today they’re expecting snow and sleet, with heavy snow and 40 mph winds starting in the evening. It’s in this weather he expects to travel to O’Hare, known for its scrupulous adherence to planned flight schedules.

So. After the Derby and a quick trip for necessary groceries, we will have lunch together and he will be gone for another week, regardless of whether or not he makes it to Honolulu. But he’ll be a lot nicer to talk to if he makes it to Hawaii, that’s all.

And I’ll be a lot nicer to talk to if he brings back some yarn, that’s all.

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