Chemo Three and Four

I got Chemo Three done last night, yelling at the kids every time I had to do a k2tog. I had forgotten that in the evening, without natural light, I could barely distinguish the stitches on the needles. (Fun Fur may be best left to the Young of Sight.)

But it is done now, and I think you can see why I’ve named it Sully.
Chemo Three (Sully)

Then I bathed and bedded the kidlets, called my husband, finished the draft of my freelance article, and….cast on for the next hat. I know that whatever hats I don’t get done for this deadline can be done for some other deadline, but they go so fast I really should get back to cranking them out.

Chemo Four uses the Lion Brand Fun Fur pattern. And lo and behold, I actually had a skein of Microspun to use! So instead of mixing the two Fun Furs I decided to mix black fur and electric blue Microspun. (In case you were wondering, James picked the Microspun over a year ago when he wanted to learn to knit.) It ought to be…stunning. My only question is, how big can this possibly be if I only cast on 32 stitches? Is it going to be a preemie sized chemo cap? I have socks going with more stitches around than this.

Anyway. Here it is. Chemo Four. Sorry for the tiny pic, I have tried to resize it twice and can apparently only choose between miniscule and gargantuan. But the colors are true. Those are bamboo size 10 dps, by the way.

Chemo Four, casting on

Now, check out the blogroll. I’ve added Fuzzy Britches, so everyone has to go and say hi to Tracey. Hi, Tracey!

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  1. So, if’n I drive up and leave a skien of red fuzzy stuff on your door – you won’t mind knitting it up during the snowstorm will ya? Ha!

    I plan on making two smallish ones to fit little kids while we are getting snowed in. Little kids get cancer too – as much as I care not to admit.

    Sully is a very beautiful hat – even if it’s furry 🙂

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