Hugs (and yarn) all around

Wow, what a day. At my “house,” the in-laws and great-in-laws are flying across the country for a funeral. My father is recovering from knee replacement surgery. My son opted out of his second-grade musical tonight because he has strep throat.

At the Harlot’s house, frustration and sadness from an unknown source. And in the comments to her post today, I read lots of pain, worry, loss, sadness, and fear. It’s days like this when I feel like Deanna Troi: “I sense conflict, Captain.”

All I can offer are a few words and cyber-hugs. It’s hard to see any other way to help right now. But I will just keep knitting and praying and trust in the plan.

In the meantime, here’s some yarn.

A few days ago, as Mr. Beth was doing the errands for the weekend, I commandeered the list and wrote “350 yards worsted weight” at the bottom. I tried to explain that it wasn’t that I couldn’t buy the yarn for him, it was that I wanted him to have his scarf in exactly the color he wanted. And God bless him, here’s what he brought home:

Irish Hiking Scarf yarn

I can’t wait to get this one started. First real cables, folks. Stay tuned.

And while I haven’t finished Chemo Three yet (I think I am balking because of all the weaving-in I will have to do, but I have to get cranking in order to finish my hats by the deadline), I have been delaying its progress by working on this:

Moebius, Take Two progress

And I just have to show off this big box of Stash Swap Yarn. Remember how I was bitching complaining about knitting with Lion Brand Homespun (despite its good looks)? Turns out someone was able to use my leftovers to finish a project, so we arranged a trade.

Colorado Yarns Durango

My goodness, did Cathy of La Crosse get the short end of the stick or what? I won’t knit it up for a while, but I’m thinking of making a pair of mittens and a Harlot one-row Moebius scarf. For myself. Red is a powerful color. And I think we could all use some power.

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  1. Hi. I ready your post on Yarn Harlot’s blog. I liked the comment your 8 year old made. After reading your blog briefly, I think you must be a very nice, well rounded family. You raised him good!! Such wise words for a young man. Tell him a Knitter in California thinks he is pretty special to be so smart!

  2. yum. i love love love tweed. it’s right up there with paisley prints!


  3. Sorry so late —
    Nice picture! Makes it look wonderful! My log cabin Homespun+ quilt is coming along slowly but nicely (it’s bedtime knitting, basically).
    Hang in there, it’s March! Soon it will all melt (and flood, but that’s another chapter). The first bulbs could be coming up in a couple weeks!

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