And it’s starting again

I don’t know where to start…but I do know I have to start, get back on this blogging bandwagon (bandwidth?) and get back in the rhythm.

Kids: One with a sore throat (who got a day off school for it yesterday but was packed off with a baggie of cough drops today), one with a possible ear infection (who nearly concussed himself falling off a chair just now), and, basically, two more at risk of being infected by the other two. I called the pediatrician’s office at the stroke of nine. When can they all come in? Not until 3:45 this afternoon. That should be entertaining for everyone.

Knitting: Still pondering the Harlot’s call. On the needles are the Moebius scarf, second version. I knit up one ball of the no-longer-produced Kashmir and realized I didn’t have enough yarn to finish the project. I only know one store that still has any of this yarn. And they don’t have this color. I know this because I bought it all already, bwahahaha! So, I took pictures of my progress, frogged it with the gleeful help of the kids, rewound the ball, and started over. I’m doing the version with the integral, same-color I-cord edging. EZ is a genius. Every time I turn the work I think, How did she know it would do that?


Moebius, Take One

Moebius, Take Two

Also on needles are the SKP (no progress), World’s Scratchiest Socks (no progress), a chemo cap (no progress — just three more rounds to go!), and a messin’ around swatch (k1, kb1 across, p back) in which I actually crossed cables without a cable needle. And learned YO’s, which makes the swatch look like I made a mistake.

Red swatch

Family: We were preparing for a 90th birthday party for Mr. Beth’s grandfather this Saturday. But due to a death in the family, everyone who would have been at the party is flying to Reno for the funeral. Which occurs as Mr. Beth is getting ready to fly to Hawaii for a business trip. On the Ohio side of things, my dad’s still getting used to his new knee, and the rehab is coming along smoothly. Just got the staples out, yay!

Writing: This is the week to finish and submit my freelance article. I also need to get cracking on the craft store guide. An hour a night should put me on track. But I’d better find the tracks pretty soon!

Promises, promises: I will finish Chemo Three tonight and take pictures tomorrow. I will start drafting my article. I will wash the dishes. I will preorder the Harlot’s new book from my local bookstore.

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  1. Hope the kidlets feel better soon. You’re blogroll is starting to look like mine – long.. haha!

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