Needling along

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am celebrating with e-cards from my sweetie and by watching Valentine’s Day-themed preschool shows with the kidlets. (“Love Day,” anyone?) And I’m really looking forward to the V-Day swag that JC will bring home. Every kid holiday is a candy holiday, and he always brings home much more than he remembers in a couple of days, if you get my drift. And when he forgets about it, I start eating it. (That explains a lot.)

Next on the Needles: Mr. Beth cast his vote for the Irish Hiking Scarf but wanted a different color than I had in the stash. And we all know the stash rules, don’t we? I asked him to pick out his own yarn for the project and told him the yardage, and I cast on for a cream-colored, garter-stitched Moebius scarf for Gigi. (EZ says to make a garter-stitched one first. So I did. But I want to try a Harlot one-row version eventually.)

Also on the needles, as of last night, is a swatch I’m knitting to see what this looks like: Row 1, [k1, kb1], Row 2, [kb1, k1]. I’m not far enough to see much since the Nyquil started kicking in about Row 6. Right now it looks like plain ol’ garter stitch. But it’s far too much trouble for it to look like garter stitch. I was hoping for some sort of mock rib effect: plain stitch, twisted stitch. Should it be a one-row pattern instead of a two-row? Or maybe I need to purl across the even rows. I will try those after I’m done with this little coaster.

Still on the needles, but almost off, is Chemo Three. I put it on the dpns last night and need to finish it very very soon. I have little faith that the fun fur is going to stay on those metal needles. On the other hand, I have enough of these two colors left to do a whole extra hat with them. I think I will find a pattern where I can knit with both strands at once.

A couple of days ago I picked up and absolutely devoured this book. I needed to read some funny knitting stuff and it hit the spot. Plus, there are all those patterns to try. (Note: Paid full price at a local book store, not discounted at Amazon. Maybe that gives Wendy an extra nickel, maybe not.)

Still knitting a little on the SKP. Not much at all on the World’s Scratchiest Socks, even though I have just a little bit to go before I start to spiral the rib. I have a feeling that Second Sock Syndrome is going to be terrible on that one since I will be so relieved to see the end of my first sock.

As if I’m not busy enough, I find myself thinking of ideas for knitting books. I think a combination knitting/recipe book would be a hit. I would need stunt knitters as well as tasters — any volunteers?

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  1. haha!
    I am all over stunting for knitting or recipes…
    however, if you’re looking for a co-writer, i would also be more than willing… maybe i could finally find a use for the folder of recipes i’ve been collecting and modifying over the years… and i’m always up for using my new KitchenAid mixer ;D


  2. Sign me up for a taster! Ha 🙂 I suppose I could do stunt knitting as well. That sounds like a fun idea.

    Thanks for the book recomendation and way to go on the caps. I’m struggling with mine – I’m trying to do it on size 5 addi’s because I loathe my larger boye circs. Of course, I could break out the dpn’s. Na – once I went magic loop it was clear I could never look back!

  3. Ooh, I love to cook and to knit! A knitting cook book would be fun 🙂

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