SKP, Part Two

The quilt client came over this morning and it was actually a good thing that I was where I was on it. We laid all the panels out, changed a few around, and she decided on a different fabric for the backing. (Now to make the top, and take it to the quilt shop to see if there’s enough backing left. But that’s a fun part, too.)

She came earlier than we had arranged, which means that (a) the house is a little cleaner than yesterday and (b) I’m a little closer to being able to knit again. I really missed it last night (even though I enjoyed getting quilt parts ready).

Here is the Secret Knitting Project:SKP, Part Two

It’s coming along nicely when I have the time. That’s a 2×2 rib on size 4 needles. And I don’t know if you can read it, but that’s a 99 CENT sticker on the Wool-ease ball band. Ahh, I’m going to miss the Herrschners retail outlet when I move. Have I ever mentioned that before?

Here at Clan Dooley, we are preparing for Lent and already had a mite box out. The key word in that sentence is had. Here’s what happened to the mite box when the Wonder Twins found it:


After I found the money they were gleefully dividing up, I rescued it and moved it to a slightly more secure location. I’m trying to add to it but putting in the cents I spend at the store. So if I spend, say $23.68, I put 68 cents in the box. It also makes me more aware of the fact that I’m spending money when all it feels like is running a card through a reader.

And speaking of Lent….does that mean I will have to give up this?

Lindt chocolate truffle bar

Now to the other fun stuff….something I think I’ll call Next on the Needles. I probably won’t be able to shouldn’t cast on for anything new until Monday, so you have all weekend to help me figure out what it should be. I want to make a Moebius scarf for my grandmother (Elizabeth Zimmermann design, probably garter stitch) and an Irish Hiking Scarf for my husband (see one here). I already have the yarn and needles, and had planned to make both of them this spring. So, which should be next? You can vote as many times you like, and change your mind if necessary. Either way, the finished item will show up on a knitalong site, so it’s all good.

Time to go see what the Harlot’s doing!

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