Crunchy or creamy?

It’s crunch time, folks. Today I got a call from the lady who bought my quilting services at silent auction back in September. We didn’t hook up again until late November, when she came by to drop off a batch of T-shirts and discuss the Master Plan.

At that point, a Christmas deadline was completely out of the question. But, to paraphrase Buzz Lightyear, “We’re not at that point, are we?”



She’s coming over tomorrow afternoon to see what I’ve got so far. So tonight I absolutely must must must get the shirt fronts trimmed to the right size, and get them fused to the fusible interfacing. None of which can take place until everyone is in bed. At which point I will be trimming and spritzing and ironing like a maniac. Tomorrow we can line the shirts up in the right places, getting a glimpse of the final design, and she can approve the sashing and backing fabrics I bought.

I am also on Flight Watch until Mr. Beth’s plane lands at O’Hare. I love but it’s nervewracking to follow along every minute like I do. Why do I do it? Because I’d feel guilty if I didn’t. And because on Tuesday, checking on his flights before he even left for the airport, I was able to call him in time to say, “Your flight to Chicago has been cancelled.”

My coping mechanism, since I’m running low on chocolate (but not hot-chocolate mix, thank you, Mom) and beer, is creamed corn. Specifically, the can of creamed corn I just added to the cheesy potato soup mix. Eight cups of this ought to keep me warm, comforted, and healthy. And if it isn’t, I also made three slices of garlic Texas Toast. (Yum-O!)

Photos tomorrow: hat in progress, SKP, and your chance to vote for Next on the Needles (Moebius scarf or Irish Hiking Scarf?). See you there — I mean, here.

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