Three-needle bind-off

This morning I finished Chemo Two, and since its pattern (the “Blue Blog” by Alison Hansel) calls for a rectangle bound off into a hat shape, I thought I’d take pictures. This was my first three-needle bind-off, and between you and me, I would not recommend using Patons Twister the first time you do this! (I did drop a couple of stitches and had to go searching for them.) But if you have never used this technique before and are wary of trying it, it’s like so many other things in knitting… terrifying when you hear about it, nerve-wracking the first time you try it, and in retrospect rather logical and simple.

To finish the hat, you start with the basic rectangle, with 30 stitches (half) knitted on the knit side:

3NBO, step 1

Then you fold the piece over so the knit sides are facing. The fold is on the right.

3NBO, step 2

Next, you begin the bind-off process with another needle. It could be any length but I picked this one because of the color contrast. I did the bindoff knitwise because that’s what I’m used to, passing the third needle through the front and back needles. Knit the back stitch, then the front stitch. When you have two stitches on the third needle, bring the first stitch over the second as in a regular bind-off. Then just keep going.

Here’s what it looks like halfway across the top of the hat:

3NBO, step 3

And here’s what it looked like when I got to the end of the top edge. There is one stitch left on the third needle. And it’s hard to tell, but the front flap of the hat is pulled back.

3NBO, step 4

Next I picked up the stitches along the left-hand side flaps. This was the first time I had done this, too, and while I’m sure it wasn’t perfect, it’s one of those times when “just okay” is okay. With the initial stitch on the third needle already, I resumed the binding-off. It just turns the corner (see the curve?) and there you go.

3NBO, step 5

Then you cut yarn, draw the end(s) through the last loop, and weave in your ends. Turn the hat inside out, and you’re really done!

3NBO, step 6

Now you can have some chocolate. You deserve it!

Dark chocolate truffle bar

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  1. Yea You! Nice hat 🙂

    I got yarn to start my hat yesterday, but have been debating on the pattern. How does the hat look on? I’m a bit worrie about them corners 🙂 You can be my final input on which pattern I go for.

    Did you carry a “regular” yarn along with the fuzzy stuff, or does it just look that way?

  2. The corners do show. It’s kind of like the old paper McDonald’s crew hats if you know what I mean. I’m using a different pattern for the next/current hat — on circs.

    The Twister yarn is a twined yarn: chenille and eyelash. The 10-1/2 needles were big enough that it wasn’t hard to knit with.

  3. Thanks so much for the website.
    I don’t know if you follow the Blue Blog (Alison Hansel from the KnitSmiths in Boston), but it looks like she’ll be doing another Sock-a-pal-ooza and a Harry Potter KAL (from her new book!) soon!

    Also, i love your webspace… the colors are as comforting as the candy you and i adore so well!


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