SKP, Part One

Here’s a peek at the Secret Knitting Project. And yes, I will, eventually, be using that 16-inch size 4 circ I bought. But for now I swapped in bamboo dpn’s for the old metal ones and it’s like the whole project got an instant upgrade. (Am I a needle snob?)

SKP, part 1

Keep those guesses coming! If you can guess it down to the exact pattern, I’ll send you something from the stash. (Such as it is.) Or I can make a Herrschners run for you and get you one skein of something you’d actually like. Your choice.

Chemo Two

Here’s where I am on Chemo Two after adding the second skein of Patons Twister (Raspberry Twist, and a good representation of the actual color). That’s a big honkin’ needle for me (10-1/2), and it’s a super quick knit, just stockinette. If I didn’t have dishes to do, lunch to make, laundry to wash, kids to watch, an article to write, brownies to bake, and a husband to welcome home (!!!), I could finish the whole hat by tonight.* Instead, well, watch this space. This hat is finished by folding it over and doing a three-needle bindoff across the top and down the side, then flipping it inside out to wear. I haven’t done anything like that before, so if you want to see process shots, let me know.

* If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything. 

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  1. I haven’t asked who you are knitting the chemo caps for… and i won’t.

    But if you’re looking for a challenge, google for “knitty” and “shedir”…

    If you don’t intend to do it, i’ll make it & send it to you for your anonymous friend. Just lemme know… i love a challenge.

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