One down, almost

Last night I got the first chemo cap all the way to where I needed to use dpn’s instead of the circular needle, and (probably wisely) called it quits then before I made one of those 11pm mistakes that are difficult to recover from the next morning. I mean, I’m not that advanced a beginner. Yet.

Here’s how far I am now, three rows from the weaving in:Chemo One

The joins are a little sloppy at the color changes, but that’s because I don’t even knot the yarn any more, I just start knitting with the new color. But once I got past the stripes I decided to go ahead and weave everything in right then, and I tidied up quite a bit. It sure makes the navy-blue-sprint-to-the-finish a lot easier.

And yesterday I sent off the red and white swatch to my brother, who will be creating the cover for the craft store directory. I was sitting in the elementary school parking lot weaving the ends in while I waited for school to let out, then it was off to the mailing center to send it away. Plus a skein of yarn for his girlfriend, too. (Hi, Alex!)

Red/white swatch finished

Today I plan to finish up the Bosox chemo cap, then cast on for a fun fur chemo cap. (Had to buy new needles this morning, oh darn.) Colors are shown below in the Sweet Charity post…any nominations for the first color combo to knit up? Get your votes in early.

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  1. Note on the Chemo Cap: that is a true red yarn in real life. One my screen it looks like the perfect orange for a Chicago Bears cap, which I would never make.

  2. Ha! I was wondering about those colors. It shows up orange on my end too. Good thing you clarified, with SB Sunday coming up and all.

    I vote for the pink and white sparkley stuff. Or the purple as a second choice.

    I MUST start my caps next week. MUST!

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