Sweet charity

OK…so I made a new rule for myself in the Knit From Your Stash 2007 thing. (Hey, Wendy said I could!) I am not buying sock yarn, but I can buy yarn for charity projects. (Actually, now that I look at it, this falls under the auspices of Rule 2.b.) So with that in mind, yesterday I hit up the Herrschners Outlet Store and got enough yarn for four chemo caps. That’s a lot of knitting fun for 99 cents a ball. (The first eight skeins I picked out ran to $35. I decided to pick again. Still great yarn, and really really soft and warm, which I think is important when you are a teenager with no hair.)

chemo cap yarn

I also got two more sets of circs. One is a size 15 needle (I just couldn’t bring myself to get this size in single points) to make a linen stitch scarf out of the Wonder Skein. Let’s all check out the Wonder Skein now, shall we?

Wonder Skein

The other needle is for a Secret Project. But I can divulge that it is a size 4, 16 inch circ. I got, yes another, Susan Bates Quicksilver. Any guesses as to the Secret Project? I will post in-progress pictures and swap some stash with the first correct guesser. I probably won’t start until Monday.

Below is a swatch I’m making as part of the cover image for the craft store directory. I’m taking it with me this weekend ā€” it needs to be about 18 inches square for my purposes. (Say, how do you like the 14-inch wooden singlepoints? I would never even try to take them on a plane. And those tips are sharp.)

Red/white swatch

I just realized it’s five months until my birthday. I’ll be 40. Whoop-de-freakin-‘doo.

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  1. I’m jealous of your Herrscher’s Outlet store access! I order from them from time to time, but with postage and instate tax added, it’s not so advantageous.

    Size 4 16″ circular sounds like a kiddo hat; or possibly a small sweater.

    Lastly, I have to try linen stitch again, but I tried it for a strap for a felting project with dark yarn, and decided it was way too much work for something that was going to be felted so you couldn’t see the stitches anyway! I had trouble seeing the slipped areas with the dark, thick and thin yarn I was using. It should make a nice scarf for a variegated yarn, though. Another nice pattern for a variegated yarn is “My So-Called Scarf” (sorry, I don’t have the link, but it’ll come up if you Google it).

    Reading ahead, I had to snortlaugh about the Swedish! That’s hilarious! Except when it happens to you, I suppose. . .
    Thanks for sharing!

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