…and a big brown Mercedes sedan

I just made a list of the knitting projects I’ve already scheduled for 2007 in my mind. (You might want to set down your drink so you don’t choke.) They include three pairs of socks, a shawl, two scarves, two sweaters (one adult, one child), a hat and scarf set, a chemo cap, and a cell phone case. (All from stash yarn except the yarn my mother will pick out for two projects.)

Then I wrote down all the quilts I’ve started and should finish this year. That makes five quilts and two quillows (which I’ve never made, but I have a pattern).

Let’s see, what else do we have? Finish potty training Colleen. Start potty training Jack. Fix up old house, sell it, and move to new house (as yet unsearched-for) two hours away. Publish craft store directory. Write articles for trade magazines. Summer trip to Ohio. Learn to spin on a drop spindle. And, at the end of the year, surgery (minor but vital) for Tommy. And any hand-crafter Christmas presents that aren’t already on the list.

I think…I will have to learn to knit a hell of a lot faster than I do now. But it doesn’t look as if I will have enough time to learn.

I’d better get started!

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  1. Well, it’s always good to have goals I say. So long as you are willing to procrastinate with them actually getting accomplished ☺

    Funny that I have a lot of the same goals – socks, sweaters, the drop spindle thing, fixing houses, moving (though I would be technically be moving back in to my house when I move – long story, potty training yada yada yada…

  2. yum to spinning on a drop spindle… i have a post about > i’ve tried it… i think i called it “dipping our pinkies in” or something thereabouts… it was early in my blogging career.

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