Mom, can I learn how to knit?

Managed to goof up the slip-stitch swatch last night. I had turned the work around to do a purl row, but apparently I enjoy doing the knit side of it so much that for the first half of the row, that’s what I did. It was time to frog it anyway, so I let JC do it. He had wanted (again) to learn how to knit, but got frustrated after 1/8 of an attempt, so I thought, OK, pull the yarn out and rewind the ball. That should be fun and easy.

Twenty minutes later, as his brother was almost asleep and I awaited JC’s entrance into their bedroom, I began to suspect that something had gone horribly wrong. And yes, here he came, up the stairs in tears.

“I tried to do it, I really tried to do it, and then it got hopelessly tangled. I’m so sorry, Mom….”

I reassured him, and spent a solid five minutes getting it back to normal. Poor kid.

This morning the cycle repeated itself, with Colleen after we dropped JC off at school. I gave her her set of learner’s needles (one red, one blue, with smiley faces on the knobs) and a roll of yarn I obtained from frogging a little baby cap I’d been given in the hospital. Fingerling white/pink/purple.

“Oh, Mom, can I learn how to knit? I want that!”

“OK, but you have to be very careful, because it could get tangled.” (Tangled is a horror film word to her. Relates to hair and evil combs. I knew it would be the only word she heard.)

Ten minutes later I am presented with a snarl worthy of a spincasting lesson to a five-year-old. “Here, Mom, can you untangle this?” The ball of yarn itself is still across the room. When she brings the ball, I start winding.

“Mom, you’re so silly.” (The snarl is bobbing up and down as the untangled yarn comes through.)

Then, suddenly, the yarn snaps and I have a golf-ball of soft pretty yarn in one hand, and what looks like the exploded guts of a golf ball in the other hand. (Ask me how I know about the inside of a golf ball. Just ask me. I dare you.)

“Mom,” she says, reaching for the neat little ball and leaving me with the snarl, “I just want this one.”

Smart girl.

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  1. I love the story! I’ve tried to teach knitting to my 3, 5, and 7 year old. My 5 and 7 year old boys lasted 1 row then were off to do something else. My 3 year old takes one needle and wraps and wraps and wraps the yarn around it. I took my eyes off her to babble at my friends at my local knit and chat. Then someone pointed out her hand was turning blue, she had wrapped the yarn around her wrist so many times it was cutting off the circulation!

    I do have a friend who loves to detangle yarn. I give her all my snarls. Good luck on the tangle!

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