Alone again

It was a short weekend with Mr. Beth, who had a trade show to cover in Nashville last week. Two flights later, he was home…at midnight on Saturday. And as of this morning at 8, he was gone again for the rest of the week.

The weekends are still a little difficult to adjust to. I go from having (because I need to assert) total control over the kids all week, to trying to scoot over to the passenger seat on the Parentmobile, and spend all my time shushing them so Daddy can sleep.

But the weeknights themselves are kind of tough to get used to, too. I always wondered how women I knew could be happily married to men who weren’t around for long stretches…such as long-distance truckers or Navy men or (hi Amy!) audio guys who go on world tour with rock stars. It has taken me three weeks of single-during-the-weekhood to realize I can watch what I want on TV or just turn it off. (Previously, all I did was turn it off.)

Over the last few days I watched a long, competitive tennis match (Ancic-Roddick), a couple of episodes of one of my favorite shows (Remington Steele) and one of my favorite movies (Barefoot in the Park). No interruptions, no channel surfing, no chatter. Just me and the yarn and stuff I like to watch and listen to. And yes, it’s lonely, too. If Mr. Beth were here I would rather watch what we both like to watch, so we can do something together.

But when he’s not here, I’m learning to get along. (It helps that he brings home wonderful chocolate for me.)

In other family news, the Cheetos proved to be an excellent reward for potty-training girl Colleen, who was — apparently — ready to transition to underwear. Finally! (At age four, she certainly should have been ready. But why engage them too early and fight that battle?)

I’m still knitting on the slip-stitch swatch but realize that I have some other projects I really need to get done. First, the T-shirt quilt I raffled my services for in September. Granted, I didn’t get materials until late November, but I would like to get that project taken care of.

Second, I’ve got a magazine article assignment that will be due in about a month. I need to schedule interviews, do the interviews, research the topic, compile, write, and edit the thing. And the topic is dear to my heart so it’s important to do a great job. Especially if I want this assignment to be the first of many. I already have at least one more salable idea, but don’t want to congest my brain.

Third (neglecting my Secret Projects for now), I need to work on the cover of my craft store directory project so I can have some press releases ready as soon as the content is prepared. I think it’s going to be a big hit, and the timing for publicity just snuck up on me. But I figured out a way to integrate knitting into it, so…..

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  1. Hi Beth,

    I followed you to your new blog? after I read about it on your old web site. Sorry to hear that you are a weekday single mom. It’s not easy!! It sounds like you have some neat plan in the future. I wish you luck. Gretch

  2. I am so with you on the potty training thing! Our little guy is going to be three in a couple of months and I am in NO hurry to potty train him. Mostly he just likes to flush.

    BTW the yarn shop in my town is called “The Shaggy Sheep” It’s on eighth street but I don’t have any other info right now. Will send it along when I get it.

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