On a roll

I just measured the salt & pepper hat. Technically it’s 4.5 inches long now, but when you roll up the bottom that takes about 2 inches out of it. And it’s so darn cute. I think I’ll wait to take the next picture until I start working on the crown. Then the real shape of it all should be apparent.

This morning we had Potty Camp, Underwear Camp, or whatever you want to call it. Colleen is four and Jack is almost three, so it’s definitely time. I’m shooting for some regularity by the end of the week, at least for Colleen. She did have some success this morning and earned her bowl of Cheetos. Jack, well, let’s just say he used up all the boy underwear I have access to right now, and I didn’t want to put him in Tinkerbell panties to continue the training. We’ll keep trying.

One side effect of all this was that I started drinking water right along with them. After two or three bottles of water in an hour, I was running to the bathroom more often than both of them put together!

Back to knitting news. I have signed up to make more hats, and I think you should too. Go read about children’s chemo caps and get signed up! If you can think of anyone more deserving of some funky knitting, please let me know. And it also reminds me… I don’t want to recommend NOT shopping at your local LYS, but at Christmastime I saw bins full of fun fur at Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Crafts for $1 a ball. Hey, if that’s what they want their hats from, and you don’t have to spend a fortune, then everybody wins. (But of course you should tell your LYS what you’re doing and ask them if they can make any deals for you. You never know!)

Chocolate of the day: Nestle Toll House cookies made with Ghiradelli 60% cacao dark chocolate chips. Mmm. And I have had quite enough of them today. (Well, not really, but I have certainly had too many.)

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  1. Good luck on the training, my oldest was 4 and my youngest is almost trained at 3 1/2. It will happen, I keep telling myself they won’t go to the prom in pull-ups.

    And chocolate, yumm!

  2. Good luck on the training! Just keep looping Bear in the Big Blue House!

    (No chocolate today, but yesterday I consumed a Dove dark choc. bar about 3 p.m. It was delisssshhhhh-uuusss.)


  3. Oh My Gosh – I’m willing to maybe leave work and drive on up for some of them there cookies! They sound DE-LICIOUS! And I have to remember do knit my furry hats as well.

    We just tried the whole potty thing with the youngest last week. i didn’t get my hopes up because he’s 2 1/2 (okay 2 3/4 now that I did the math) and a boy after all. All the kids at daycare got it but him – he’s still happy to have his diapers thank-you-very-much. Maybe in a few weeks…

    btw – I love the new hair cut!

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